Saturday, November 26, 2011

Drum Quick Pro Dip Tube System for Plastic Drums and Steel Drums

When dealing with harmful chemicals, no matter how harmless they look when kept in their designated storage, workers must be extra careful in handling them. Even a little tiny bit of spill or splash can be dangerous for the workers and the whole plant environment. Drum Quick Pro Dip Tube System helps minimize this possibility to happen with its closed dispensing system, encouraging a safer, drier and faster container change outs.

The integrated dip tube system is very easy to use and significantly reduces messy handling, cross chemical contamination and chemical exposure. Its rugged design makes it excellent to operate even in the harshest environments, yet still deliver a safe chemical handling result. From the video above, you've learnt how the Drum Quick Pro lessens the chance of workers being exposed to chemicals, thus promoting a safer, drier and faster turnover.

Choose this amazing quick connect/disconnect coupler based on the type of your drums. We have Drum Quick Pro for steel drums and Drum Quick Pro for plastic drums. This coupler is reusable, though the bung adapter insert and dip tube should be best use for single use and disposable applications.

Check them out now and protect your workers and plants.

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