Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to Pack Waste Free Lunch

As more and more people use disposable eateries, the landfills get even more and more overwhelmed by the excessive, useless wastes we create. Research shows that an American pupil contributes to this by throwing away 67 pounds of lunch packaging a year. That’s about 18,760 pounds of waste per school! Today’s parents need to stop depending on disposable plastic eateries, single use plastic bag, and aluminum foil when packing their children’s lunches. These parents – us – need to learn how to pack a waste free lunch!

It’s pretty simple really. All it takes is just to have certain reusable packaging to replace the disposable ones. Look at the list below to help you through it.

  • Forget about the single use plastic bags. They might be cheap but the cost to the environment AND to your future kids and grandkids are too much to bear. Use a reusable bag instead to contain your kids’ lunch. When they’re done with it, they can simply fold it and put it in their school bag. Go Go Shopper: Reusable Shopping bag that folds into itself!
  • Use a washable cloth napkin instead of the disposable paper one.
  • Pack the lunch with real silverware that your children can pack back in their reusable lunch bag together with the cloth napkin so that you can wash them once they’re home and reuse them the next following days.
  • Say goodbye to ready-pack drinks. Take a BPA-free plastic bottle to contain the beverages your kids like, wash it at home and reuse it for another school day.
  • Use a reusable food grade container.
It’s easy, isn’t it? The only changes you’ll make are changing the food packaging and doing a little dish washing when your kids are back from school. The latter doesn’t even take 5 minutes to do it. Save the environment by starting to pack a waste free lunch for your children. You’ll be surprised at how good you feel for doing this.

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