Monday, November 14, 2011

Locked-In Funnels

Funnels can be helpful to your work to avoid the mess from splashing and spilling. But unsteady funnels can even create more chaos when not secured correctly to the bung opening of the drum. One way to get your funnel to stick there is to choose one with a long stem. Another way is to have a funnel that has a screw-in or locked-in function, as listed below.
3 gallon screw-in funnel

3 gallon screw-in funnel
This screw-in funnel is perfect to use for both plastic drums and steel drums. It screws into 2” NPS opening to securely hold funnel in place. The funnel is made of 100% heavy polyethylene wall and can hold up to 3 gallon before content falls into the drum.

Burp-free funnel
The burp-free funnel prevents back splashing when content is poured. Made of 100% polyethylene with padlockable hinged lid, the funnel screws in to 2” NPS bung opening. Choose between 2 gallon burp-free funnel and 5 gallon burp-free funnel. You might like this one for its excellent resistance to rust and most chemicals.

Side Fill drum funnel
The side fill drum funnel has a unique look. It works with 2” bung opening of any drum as its four steel “legs” stand on the side of the drum to prevent the funnel from tipping over. The funnel is made of galvanized steel and can hold up to 12 quart of content.

High speed funnel
This heavy duty galvanized steel high speed funnel screws directly into 2” bung opening. It has a large capacity of 14 quarts and mounts solidly into the drum opening.

No-Tilt Screw-In funnel
This simple funnel with 3 quart capacity is made of 100% flexible polyethylene that won’t rust or dent. It screws to a 2” bung opening, ensuring the funnel to stay in place while we pour the content into the drum.

Screw-in funnel with lid
Keep this polyethylene drum funnel locked into your drum and you don’t ever need to remove it, thanks to the lid that keeps the funnel and the content of drum away from unwanted particles. This lid can also be padlocked to prevent unauthorized access. Capacity: 3 quart.

EZ Smart 2 gallon funnel
As all drum funnels in this category, EZ smart funnel can also be screwed into a 2” drum bung opening. The difference is the EZ smart funnel has an extension at its base that traps air and thus prevents overflowing when the content is poured.

Locked-in funnels eliminate the possibility of chaotic work surroundings when you’re transferring liquid materials from one container to the other. Especially if the item you are removing is incredibly expensive, the locked-in funnels above can save you a lot of money.

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