Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Perfect Funnels for Bottles, Jars and Other Small Containers

Unlike funnels for drums, the funnels for bottles, jars and other small containers are less complicated and ultimately inexpensive. All you need to do is find a simple funnel that fits the mouths of small containers. Below is the list of the perfect funnels for paint cans, jugs, bottles and jars.

While funnels with large mouth are extremely useful for application with drums, they may not be with smaller containers. Especially those that have no see-through walls. Smaller diameter of the contained area will prevent spilling when the jug or the bottle you are filling in is full. If spilling has to happen, it won't as much as large mouth funnels would cause. These simple low-cost utility funnels are good for filling smaller containers like bottles, jars and jugs.

Then we have economical transfer funnels, also for smaller containers application. These inexpensive funnels are designed simple but serving every filling purpose. Each funnel has a hole for hanging so that you can simply hang it after using it.

This funnel is perhaps more useful to use with containers that aren't see-through. The funnel has a pop-up fill indicator (bright yellow) to help you find out when to stop filling. This useful funnel is small but due to the versatile indicator it can also be used to fill in drums with waste liquid disposal.

Use these easy inexpensive Snap n' Pour funnels for your metal and plastic containers. They protect against spills and drips during pouring as one of the sides holds a 28 mm plastic neck finish and 1" metal screw cap opening, while the other side fits 38 mm neck finish and 1 ¼" metal screw cap opening. Get them in multi color six pack for only $ 12.87.

These flex funnel spouts are excellent if you want to control the flow of the content you are pouring. Simply bend the flex spout and it'll stop running. Snap back and it goes on again. They fit 38 mm, 28 mm and 22 mm plastic bottles.

Get one of these useful funnels for your jugs, bottles and jars and save your content from spilling.

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