Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quick Connect Dispensing System

Have you ever had one of those bottles that spills out its content as you accidentally knock it over? If the content in discussion is valuable and expensive or if it pours over an expensive piece of furniture, this spilling accident could be such a bother. For this type of product you may want to consider having this Quick Connect Dispensing System. The simple, low-cost dispensing system has a 2-sided non-spill design, which reduces the chance of spilling and protects bottles against accidental disconnects.

The Quick Connect Dispensing System features Puncture Seal (PS), a patented ¼" flow system that has PS closure cap and a unique quick connect coupler that breaks the membrane seal of the cap automatically when connected. There's an automatic shut off valve that stops expensive or dangerous spillage.

The dispensing system fits most bottles' 38 mm fitment necks, promotes easier and faster installations and has fewer leak points to avoid accidental spillage. Choose from Quick Connect Dispensing System with ¼" hose barb (PP coupling body), 3/8" hose barb (PP coupling body), 38 mm threaded LDPE PS closure, to Snap-In LDPE PS closure for Hedwin Cubitainer. These are all inexpensive but effective in eliminating spillage from most manufacturers' bottles.

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