Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Safety Funnels

We use safety funnels when we have to handle flammable liquids. These funnels are designed to have flame arrestor and extra safety measures to ensure safe handling of this type of product. Read on to see the types of safety funnels we have.

This funnel has a large octagon shape that covers the top of the drum, keeping it clean from possible spills and splashes. Made of 100% linear LDPE, the funnels are great to use with 30 gallon and 55 gallon drums. The funnel has FM-approved brass fill vent that relieves pressure at 5 psi and a 6" perforated flame arrestor to avoid flash back ignition. Fill gauge will pop out if drum is almost full so that accidental overfilling can be avoided. Read more of this awesome funnel here.

This funnel complies with EPA and OSHA regulations. It has a hinged padlockable lid to reduce vapors and automatically snap shut in case of fire. The funnel also has a built-in flame arrestor to prevent flashback. Made of heavy duty 18-gauge galvanized steel with epoxy powder coat finish that makes it durable and chemical resistant. This funnel works with 30 gallon and 55 gallon drums.

Other safety funnels include funnels with 9" diameter bowl that fits 2" NPT bung. The FM-approved safety vent has built-in flame arrestor to provide automatic pressure and vacuum relief. Choose between copper funnel and HDPE funnel with the choices of vent plug or flame arrestor of brass, stainless steel or non-metallic plug with stainless flash arrestor. Click here to see your options.

Remember, when handling fire-sensitive products, you cannot use just any funnel. Safety funnel keeps you from dangerous accidents that may be caused by these flammable goods.

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