Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Decoration Ideas

How is your Christmas preparation going? Does your house smell like freshly baked gingerbread and chocolate cookies? Is the Christmas tree up? Are the gifts already wrapped nicely and placed under the tree? By this time, you might have had everything in order. But in case the house hasn’t shown any sign of Christmas spirit yet, here are some suggestions to perk it up.

Christmas-decorated tins and pails
Easy, ready-made Christmas themed tins and pails will definitely get the kids excited. Especially when you put some candies and chocolates inside, yummm… not only the tins and pails make great decoration, they are also fine containers for foods and/or Christmas gifts.

DIY gift baskets and centerpieces
Got some steel buckets dusting about in the house? Make use of them by turning them into gift baskets and centerpieces as directed here. The cute Santa pails will most likely make the living room merry and bright!

Christmas gifts wrapped in newspaper
Reuse the newspaper and eliminate the need of buying gift wrappers. Newspaper and scrap paper make great wrappers and give rustic feeling to the presents. You'll also be kinder to the environment!

Do you have other unusual Christmas decoration ideas? Especially if they involve reusing and recycling the things around the house, that'll be even better! More and more people should do that in every holiday season.

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