Friday, December 2, 2011

Heavy-Duty Drum Rotator

For heavy-duty drum mixing applications, the previously blogged drum tumblers (Horizontal Hydra-Left Rotator, HiPower Drum Tumbler, and Portable Drum Rotator) might not be enough to do the work in the desired time. This is when you need Heavy-Duty Drum Rotator. Handling 30 gallon to 55 gallon drums with capacity up to 1000 lbs, this drum tumbler should do the heavy work when needed.

The Heavy-Duty Drum Rotator is able to take twice as much liquid capacity that the other drum rotators can. It blends materials, dry and liquid alike, gently, thoroughly and efficiently. Its four 6" diameter neoprene drive wheels and four 6" diameter neoprene idler wheels give positive support to the tumbling action, while the solid 1" diameter drive shaft operates the ball bearings for the machine's prolonged life.

Choose the right Heavy-Duty Drum Rotator for you. The fixed speed model works at 10, 20 or 30 RPM while the variable speed model's speed can be customized as you like and want from 10 RPM to 40 RPM. The latter has a hand control know that is easy to operate. Choices on motors vary from TEFC motor (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled), EP motor (Explosion-Proof TEFC) and Air Motor. If you ever need to work with 5 gallon pails, you may also get an Optional Idler Attachment. For normal speed drum mixing, you can opt for the less costly Single Drum Rotator, but when time is of high essence, Dual Drum Rotator could be a great option. See your available choices below.

-          Idler attachment for 5 gallon pails for 1-5154 series and for 2-5154 series

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you need further assistance on this product.

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