Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mail Away Delicate Contents with Padded Mailing Bags

Holiday season always makes us want to share the spirit and happiness to others both far and near. For those who cannot make it home this holiday, it’s a good idea to mail away gifts or cards to show how you care about them. If the gifts include something delicate and breakable, be sure to protect them with the right packaging. CD’s, cassettes, and other flat, breakable gifts should be securely packaged in a padded mailing bag. This way you’ll avoid having that disappointed look from your loved one for having broken gifts.

There are several models of padded mailing bags. You have the Poly Mailers with one side of the bag clear to see the contents through. There is also Bubble Lined Poly Mailers, which have bubble cushion on the inside to protect contents, and many others. We will list the types of padded mailing bags we have here and elaborate the differences. You may choose which padded mailing bags suit your gifts best.

-          Resistant to moisture, puncture and tamper
-          Self-seal lip
-          High strength seams (contents stay secured while overstuffed)
-          Clear view for easy viewing of contents
-          Resistant to moisture, puncture and tamper
-          Polyolefin exterior
-          Bubble cushioning interior
-          Easy peel and seal closure
-          Expandable
-          For overseas packaging
-          Heavy duty; poly lined; cushioned
-          Self seal adhesive strip
-          Recycled fiber padding
-          End flap with natural rubber adhesive
-          Nice-looking white mailers
-          Self-seal adhesive strip
-          Fiber lining cushions
-          Puncture and moisture resistant
-          Expandable interior fibers
-          Taped or stapled closure
-          Permanent instant bonding adhesive
-          Waterproof, greaseproof and dirt-proof

That is one amazing list of padded mailing bags, isn’t it? Decide which is best to take for your gifts/day-to-day documents and protect your shipped contents.

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