Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recycling Drums

Drums are used widely for shipping liquid and solid materials. 55 gallon drums are especially the standard ones to use in practice. While it’s not hard for individuals to make use of used drums into something useful like tumbling composter, garden planter or Texas grill as described here, it is not that easy of a case for industries that use and ship many barrels every month. Yes, drums are very useful to contain products, ship them and store them. But once the drums are empty, what are the users supposed to do? Throw them away or recycle them? Obviously many prefer recycling to dumping them to the landfill, but as we are talking about massive number of drums, turning those barrels into other goods is not as easy as it sounds.

Many companies choose to dump the barrels to the landfill for practicality (on their side). Although this is not the most ideal practice, it’s hard to blame them for doing that. With the long paperwork they must submit to be able to recycle the drums, the expensive transport cost, etc., recycling doesn’t look like a very appealing activity in the sense of money and time expenses. So what can industries do about it?

There are several ways to get facilities to be more involved in drum recycling. One important thing is that the local governments should impose stricter law that requires the industries to perform recycling. Some European countries have started to apply this and it will be great if we have more of that too.

drum crusher
We can also trick the costly expenses a facility needs to spend for transporting the drums. One of them is by having – or jointly having – a drum crusher. This amazing crusher is indeed very expensive. But if you consider how useful it is and how much expenditure it is able to cut in transporting empty drums to the recycling curb, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. If a company is not big enough to be able to afford this machine, it is a good idea to have some nearby facilities to use it together and share the purchase cost.

A facility can also inform the nearest neighborhoods that people can pick up their drums for free. This way they can use their creativity to make useful things from used drums and the industries won’t have to spend any dime to get rid of the drums.

There should be many other ways where both industries and individuals can participate in the recycling program. When things are better arranged and communicated, this shouldn’t be impossible to do. Let’s go green and recycle the drums and containers we use!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Open-Head Steel Drums

When choosing which type of drums suits best for shipping, you should first see what type of material that you want to transport. Solid chemicals and highly viscous liquids will be best stored in Open-Head Steel Drums while the runny liquids fit better in the Closed-Head Steel Drums. Open-head steel drums feature removable lids that can be locked either with leverlock or bolt-type ring. Closed head steel drums have a fixed top with a bung opening for pouring the liquid content. In this blog post, we will concentrate more on Open-Head Steel Drums.
Open-head steel drums are available for two different types of solid products: hazardous and non-hazardous. For hazardous content, one is suggested to take the UN-rated open head steel drums as these steel barrels are made of materials that can protect both content and shipper. For any other items – including inks, lubricants, non-hazardous chemicals, etc., the standard open-head steel drums will do the work. Naturally the UN-rated drums cost slightly more than the standard ones.

Most shipping applications will require only standard open-head steel barrels. This type of drums costs less than the UN-rated ones, yet performs as strong and as durable as long as the content is not hazardous. Bay Tec has standard open-head steel drums from the sizes of 16 gallon to 55 gallon. Choices come in rust-inhibitor interior and chemical-resistant epoxy-phenolic lining.

These drums’ standard color is black. However, if you wish to have different colors, you may get them with minimum order of 25 pieces + some extra charges. With the 55 gallon standard open-head steel drums offered as low as $57.56, this mustn’t be such a big deal. Enjoy the price cuts now and have specific drum color you want which best identifies your company!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shelf Liners: Why You Should Use Them

If you’ve got wall-mounted shelves, cabinets, wardrobes or any surfaces that you use to store something on the shelves, you might want to consider having shelf liners. Being organized is easy when you put shelf liners on the shelves to make them remain neat.

Imagine storing something corrosive inside a bottle or a jar. Imagine they spill onto the shelf accidentally. Imagine what it’ll probably do to your shelf and how much work you need to do to clean up the mess. With shelf liners, the possibility of spill or leak can be taken more easily and you don’t have to worry if there are crumbs hiding on the sides of the shelves. Simply remove the shelf liner and clean it separately. There’s no need to clean the shelf itself.

We are offering shelf liners that are chemical resistant. They’re made of FDA-approved polyethylene materials with three choices of color: yellow, gray or white. Available in three different sizes: 12”L x 36”W x ½”H; 18”L x 36”W x ½”H; and 24”L x 36”W x ½”H. Check them out now or contact our representatives for further information.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lovely Things People Make with Jars

What do you do with your jars when you’re done using them? Throw them away? Send them to recycling curb? Wash them and reuse them? I hope you do the last ones. If you haven’t, here are some cool ideas why you should start reusing your plastic and glass jars once you finish the content.

Scandinavian-Style Candle Jars

Great way to recycle glass jars! Simply clean them, attach some wire to make them hangable and put a cute decoration on the outer label part and put a candle inside. See the instruction how to make it here.

Hanging Storage

What about this hanging storage made of mason jars? Pretty cool idea, don’t you think? All you need to do is to make sure that you glue the jar lid very, very well using the strongest glue you can ever think of. Or better, make a hole and screw the lid onto the bottom of the shelf! Originally taken from here.

Window Sill Flower Vases

What about brightening up the kitchen – or any other sunny part of the house – with these lovely flower vases made of glass jars?

Memory Jar

Do you ever have that feeling that you want to remember everything you’ve done every single day but too lazy to write a diary, to blog or to do scrapbooking? Here’s an awesome idea how you can do it without feeling compelled that you have to explain long or spend time finding your glue to put the memory in the scrapbook: “get a memory jar!” Simply leave the jar somewhere you have large access to and write on a post-it every time something worth remembering happens. Genius, right? Source: SteamyKitchen

Mason Jar Pies

If you like cooking/baking, this will definitely catch your interest. Make mason jar pies! It’s unique, almost costless, and it’s delicious! Try it here.

Wall-Mounted Jar Planter

Be green! Not only by planting as many greens, but also by using recycled materials for the planting action. Turn your plastic or glass jars in to planters, just like these wall-mounted jar planters!

Have you got more ideas on how to reuse glass or plastic jars? Share them here with our readers!

More cute things people do with jars, check out our previous blog post

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Drawer Storage Cabinets

Another way to store your little things is by using the Drawer Storage Cabinets. With the choice of plastic or steel storage cabinets, one can have more organized and easy-to-manage work station. You will never have to lose or misplace things ever again!

Plastic storage cabinets offer versatile storage for your little goods. They’re stackable as well as mountable on the wall, whichever fits your need and taste. These cabinets are made of high-impact polystyrene, completed with clarified polypropylene drawers with finger-grip drawer pulls. The strong materials make the storage cabinets indestructible, chemical resistant, and see-through. Choices come in 16 drawer, 26 drawer, 24 drawer, 44 drawer and 64 drawer plastic storage cabinets. All these plastic cabinets are currently ON SALE. Grab them while it lasts!

The steel storage cabinets are constructed of welded steel equipped with sturdy, high-impact polypropylene drawers. These cabinets are dent-proof and have a molded-in label holder for easy content identification. The transparent windows on the drawers allow users to instantly recognize the stored items inside. Choose from 28 drawer, 20 drawer, 16 drawer, 15 drawer, 9 drawer and 9 drawer security steel storage cabinets. The latter features a locking door for better security.

Are you in need of a lot of drawers in one cabinet? Get 20 steel storage cabinets AND one storage go round to contain those steel cabinets. It has a turnable base which allows user to easily find the item he/she wants to take or put back.

Could these drawer storage cabinets be the one good solution for you? Check the links above if they are!

Practice good inventory management with AkroBins and our inventory labels.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

9 Weird Things People Make with Barrels

As the economy gets unpredictable, some people are found to be more careful with their spending, more creative with the things they already have (they don’t just throw away the stuffs that they think can have more use), and consequently they invent more weird things out of the things you never imagined they could have become. This blog post is going to list the weird things people make with barrels. Check them out and be amazed.

Recycled 55-Gallon Plastic Barrel Chair
You’ve got to agree that this chair is super cute! Very innovative as well. See the instruction on how to make this barrel yourself here.


Save hundreds of dollars by building your own mulcher. This guy did it here.

Tumbling composter from steel barrel

Takes only a few dollars and an hour to build. Why buy the expensive compost barrels? Check out the instruction here.

Texas Grill from steel barrel

Do you love BBQing? Here is a DIY Texas Grill made of steel barrel.

Plastic Drum garden planter

This garden planter made of plastic drum solves your garden space need. Especially when you don’t have that garden space.

Pedaled washing machine from 55 gallon drum

DIY Bee Hive

Awesome DIY bee hive constructed with plastic drum.

Rainwater collection system

Save water with this DIY rainwater collection system.

Garden tool storage bin

I think everyone will agree that this garden tool storage bin made of 55 gallon plastic barrel is a genius idea to keep your garden tool clean and organized.

It’s amazing what men can do to replace things they can’t afford, right? Above all, the barrels have second life after the first use. Instead of ending up in the landfill waiting to degrade for hundreds of years, they are made into very useful things. Great job!


For drum recycling by industries and other facilities, click here

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pick Rack Systems

There are so many ways to organize AkroBins. One can stack them on top of each other without the help of any racks, carts or shelves, or they can arrange them neatly with Paneled Louvered Hanging System, Shelving system, Standard Cabinets, or ProCart. Now there is still another way to organize AkroBins. It’s called the Pick Rack System.

The pick rack system aims to provide easy experience on organizing small items, finding them without difficulty, conveniently picking the items and possibly making them mobile if user needs to move the rack around. It’s found to work very well in healthcare environments where things need to be at easy reach any time they’re needed. And it should be a great use too at any other types of workplaces where there are a lot of small things to keep.

Never lose anything again with the AkroBins and the Pick Rack System. The combination between strong polypropylene yellow bins and the 16-gauge steel rack provide durable, long-lasting storage for your inventory. Simply add an optional mobile kit, you can move your rack around as often as you need.
Single-Sided Pick Rack System

Choose from Single-Sided Pick Rack (as shown on the picture above), Double-Sided Pick Rack to Bench Pick Rack based on the space you have at work. We offer the pick racks together with the yellow bins so that you don’t need to make different purchases. See more here or contact our representatives for further detail.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nest & Stack Totes

When Akro-Bins or Stack N Store bins don’t fit your heavy duty industrial need, you may want to look at the Nest & Stack Totes (NST’s). As the name suggests, these totes are heavy duty, durable, nestable and stackable with or without lids.

The containers are made of FDA-sanctioned materials (some are made of high impact polypropylene and some HDPE) that make them extremely long-lasting, rust-free, corrosion-proof and safe for meat and poultry applications. They won’t bend out of shape even when they are fully loaded.

NST’s are highly versatile. Use them for storage, transfer or shipping applications. The containers have smooth surfaces, making them easy to clean. They also resist most solvents and chemicals and the rib structure under the lip helps prevent jamming when nested. The textured bottoms provide no-slip grip service when put on conveyor belts.

Forget the “budget-priced” totes. They’ll break easily and in the long run will cost you more on heavy-duty jobs. NST’s are available in 9 sizes: 0.50 Cu ft, 0.76 Cu Ft, 0.80 Cu Ft, 1.20 Cu Ft, 1.70 Cu Ft, 2.0 Cu Ft, 2.60 Cu Ft, and 3.70 Cu Ft, each is offered in 3 color choices: grey, red and blue. If you want to protect contents from dust and damage, purchase NST’s lids too. Also, get the label plastic holders for easy content identification. Industrial storage is made easy with Nest & Stack Totes!

Other accessories to use with NST's: dollies and carts.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


For great mobility in transferring heavy boxes or AkroBins full of accessories or tools, one may need a ProCart. ProCart is a double-duty utility cart designed to adapt to different ways and places where it is used. Whether it is to transport boxes from one place to another or simply to use it as storage shelves for AkroBins, ProCart offers high flexibility that your work demands.

If you already have AkroBins, you must know by now that there are many ways to organize your AkroBins. You can stack them on top of each other, you can use a louvered hanging system mounted on the wall to save space, and now you can use a ProCart where mobility is a high need.

The ProCart is made of HDPE structural foam, which allows it to resist dent and rust. You never need to paint it either. The featured design includes hinged side gates on both shelves. These can be flipped up to make the ProCart a box-top cart or flipped down to make it a flat-top cart. This is such a practical way to slide boxes on and off the shelves as you load and unload them.

Watch the video below to better show you how ProCart can be utilized maximally.

Choose this versatile ProCart to ease the transporting need for your boxes. It’s great to use for securely transporting medical supplies or shipping boxes. It’s also great to use for storage for your AkroBins. Each shelf has 200 lb capacity, making a total of 400 lb capacity for both shelves. There are small and large carts available, with or without hanging system for Akrobins. Click here for more info.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What to Do to Your Empty Unusable Plastic Wastes Before Sending Them Out to the Recycling Curb

By now you may have made up your mind to participate in the recycling program and help save the earth. You buy or build your own recycling trash bins, you place the right rubbish to the right bin, you reuse your plastic containers until they are unusable and you make your own compost from the organic wastes. But then what to do with the plastic wastes in the plastic bin after they’re full? Check out the tips below on what to do to this plastic rubbish before sending them out to the recycling curb.

Seek advice from the nearby community recycling program

You need to do this step because it’s essential to sort out your garbage before delivering them to local recycling curb. Every community has different set of rules and the earlier you know these rules, the better. Ask them whether you should take off the paper labels off the plastic rubbish or leaving them on will still be okay.

Empty and wash the plastic wastes before throwing them into the recycling bin

You can’t send the plastic wastes with content inside. Whether it’s soda, food scraps, etc. you should always empty the plastic and wash them out before throwing them into the recycling bin. This will make the recycling curb’s task easier and it really won’t take you more than two minutes to do it.

Take the plastic wastes away and let the city or the nearest recycling center handle them

Some municipalities provide different colored bins for the citizens to throw away their different garbage accordingly. If your city provides this, use these bins to contain your plastic wastes. If not, find the nearest recycling center and drop the plastics there for further treatment. If you have no idea where to find these centers, look them up in http://search.earth911.com/. If you don’t want to spend time frequently driving to the recycling center, just collect the plastic wastes in a bigger container, like the recycled fiber drum, and only go there once it’s full.

Have you done a good thing to the earth today? If you haven’t, you definitely should start doing it.

Friday, January 20, 2012

AkroBins Standard Cabinets

As you can see from our previous blog posts, AkroBins are so very useful to keep office, home, or garage organization. You can simply stack them up, nest them on top of each other when empty, arrange them in panel louvered hanging system, put them in shelves, or place them on dolly or cart when you need them to be mobile. Now what if you want to keep them – and the stored items – free from dust and safe from unauthorized hands? You should start looking at the Standard Cabinets for AkroBins.

There are three cabinets to offer. Each has different capacity of how many AkroBins it can hold. But all three have double-locking door protection, ensuring that the items kept inside are well protected from unauthorized use. They also have gray powder coat finish that is resistant to cuts and scratches and they’re made of strong, rugged 16-gauge welded steel.

The first one is the Standard Cabinet holding up to 42 AkroBins. Depending on the size of the AkroBins you are to store, this cabinet can take up to 42 bins. The cabinet has flush doors with louvered panels on the back.

The second – AkroBins standard cabinet holding up to 102 AkroBins – features louvered panels on the back wall and the doors, as seen in the picture below.

The third cabinet has the ability to hold even more bins with 138 AkroBins. This also has louvered panels on the back wall and the doors.

Which AkroBins cabinet is suitable for you? 


Practice good inventory management with AkroBins and our inventory labels.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Super Size AkroBins & Their Dolly and Cart

Different businesses have different needs. One might need small storage bins for stationary and small tools, another might want something bigger. Fortunately, there are the Super Size AkroBins for storing large items. Just like the smaller Akrobins, these Super Size ones are also stackable and nestable. As they can get very heavy to hand-handle, there are dollies and carts made for better mobility for these super size AkroBins.

The super size AkroBins themselves are built from one-piece, high-impact polypropylene. They are strong, waterproof, rustproof and corrosion proof. These bins won’t get affected by weak acids or alkalis. The bins and dollies are also autoclavable up to 250°F. It’s got a 1-year limited warranty that it won’t crack or break under normal load conditions. The bins are available in various sizes and three main colors (blue, red and yellow). For complete list, click here.

You can also add a cart for these super size AkroBins. Choose between carts that hold up to 6 bins and 9 bins.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stak-N-Store Steel Shelving System

Although Stak-N-Store bins can be used alone by vertically stacking them on top of each other, some businesses prefer having them neatly stored on shelves. Fortunately there is steel shelving system especially made for Stak-N-Store bins. Constructed of 22-gauge steel with powder coat finish, the shelving units take up to 350 lb. capacity per shelf – perfect for the heavy duty bins.

Choose between Single-bins shelving system and Multi-bins system. These units are sold as complete with the bins, with the feature of sanitary base where debris and dust underneath the shelving are kept away. The shelves are easy to assemble; with only using nuts and bolts for the top and bottom shelves, while user has more flexibility with the other shelves in the middle. Adjust the shelves with the height you want to accommodate the bins only by using the compression clips provided.

Use Stak-N-Store bins with the steel shelving system and keep your important stationary and tools where they belong. You never have to lose anything ever again with the Stak-N-Store Steel Shelving System. Available in different sizes: 6-shelf unit, 12” single bin unit in 13 shelves, 18” single bin unit in 13 shelves, 12” multi bin unit in 11 shelves, and 18” multi bin unit in 11 and 13 shelves.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spice Up Your Recycling Bins

As more people realize how important recycling is these days, recycling bins have become a need in industries, in commercial places and even at home. Especially for home use, sometimes you just don’t have the resources to buy the fancy colorful recycling bins just for the sake of recycling. Besides, that old pail will work too, right? So why not make your own recycling bins from colorful 5 gallon buckets? They’ll cost you practically almost nothing with just a little effort in the beginning.

You will need:
  • At least three 5 gallon pails in different colors; red, green and blue. If you want four pails, take yellow pail for the fourth one. You can also go with the square buckets. These may save more space.
  • Recycling bin labels. These will help the family understand which bin is for which. There are some free printable recycling labels on the internet that you can just download and print. Feel free to choose the ones that suit you best. Some cute ones can be found here and here. If you want more “serious-looking” labels, click here and here. Just make sure that your labels are easy to spot.

  • Clean the pails if necessary.
  • Line them with Economical Trash Pail Liners
  • Print the labels and stick them on the bins. Plastic on the red pail, paper on the blue pail, organic trash on the green pail and glass on the yellow pail. Laminating them will give them longer life.
  • The new spiced-up recycling bins are ready to use! Make sure to let everyone know the uses of each bin and why you need to sort your trash that way. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Stak-N-Store Bins

While AkroBins are perfect for storing small things, like stationary, small garage tools, etc, Stak-N-Store bins are designed to provide excellent storage for bulky items. It’s got the same idea of simply stacking the bins on top of each other on the floor or organizing them on shelves, but only much more heavy-duty.

Stak-N-Store bins are constructed of heavy duty polypropylene with 75 lb. maximum capacity. The large radius corners and the curved upper lip are designed to add strength, while the side ribs provide stability when stacked. The large grip handles also provide comfort and excellent grip when the bins are lifted or carried. You will see in the picture below how the wide-hopper front allows easy access to stored items.

There are three sizes and colors to choose from. Bin colors include Red, Blue and Gray. Bins with 13017 code are also offered in White. Click here for 0.98 Cu Ft bins, here for 1.70 Cu Ft bins, and here for 1.60 Cu Ft bins. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Attached Lid Containers

For some types of applications, you’ll require a lid to cover your container. Attached Lid Containers are perfect to meet your dust-free need so that items stored inside stay clean.

Attached Lid Container

These containers are made of HDPE, making them strong and durable during storage, shipping, order picking and distribution period. The bottom of the containers is textured for an absolute grasp on conveyor belts. The handle grips are designed ergonomically for easy hauling and lifting. And a padlock eye on both ends allows user to lock the containers, ensuring maximum security for the items.

The attached lid containers solve your space problem, instead of adding to one. If you plan to use them as storage, the containers are stackable when the lid’s on and nestable when it’s open and empty. The lids are attached to the containers so that you will never have to lose them ever.

Use Attached Lid Containers for your storage and shipping needs. They are found to be widely used in pharmaceutical, electronic, CD and other retail sectors. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Panel Louvered Hanging Systems for AkroBins Organization

Do you have problem with storage space at your work place? You shouldn’t anymore! Panel Louvered Hanging Systems help solve this by utilizing the wall or floor spaces to mount the system for hanging AkroBins. This way every inch of space is used to the max.

Of course you can always stack the AkroBins on top of each other without this panel system. But the panel hanging system makes them look even neater and they can hold more AkroBins than the normal stacking method. That means better organization and more things you can store! If you have no floor space anymore, simply choose the wall-mounted model and securely mount the panels onto the wall. It’s super neat, right?

The panel louvered hanging system is made of 16-gauge cold-reeled steel. Therefore, it’s extremely sturdy and durable that it can take up to 288 AkroBins. There are 11 models to choose from, including wall, floor and bench models as seen below.

The panel system makes it easy for anyone to access items and choosing different colors of AkroBins (sold separately) makes identification trouble-free. If your office is in dire need for better organization, Panel Louvered Hanging System and AkroBins are the answer.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Every workplace needs excellent organization to promote efficiency. Whether it is an office, an industrial area, a home or a garage, when everything is organized, there will be less time wasted to find something. AkroBins is one of the ways to do that. Excellently, we must say. Read on and you’ll understand why.

What is AkroBins?

AkroBins are made of molded high-impact polypropylene block copolymer that is impervious to alkalis and weak acids. It makes it resistant to rust, corrosion and water. The heavy-duty AkroBins are so strong that the production company guarantees that it won’t crack or break under normal conditions. This warranty is given during the first year use.

Why should we choose AkroBins?

AkroBins on Shelving System
Firstly, you can simply stack them on top of each other. The anti-slide feature will keep them from falling off. Or when you have Akro-Mills shelving, panels, rails, racks and/or carts, you can also put them there. Secondly, these bins are so strong that you shouldn’t expect to replace them too soon. Thirdly they are autoclavable, up to 250° F. Last but not least, the Akrobins are available in many different colors to ease your way in identifying which is put where.

What type of environment is best to use AkroBins?

Any type. It can be in the healthcare places, industrial areas, homes and offices or in the garages. You can keep both your small parts and bigger things in these bins since there are wide varieties of sizes that you can choose from. Below is the list of the available sizes. Each size has different colors of bins to choose; i.e. Red, Blue, Yellow, Stone, Green, Semi-Clear and Black.

·         AkroBins 4” x 3” x 2” x 4
·         AkroBins Dividers
·         AkroBins Lids

Use AkroBins with ProCart, AkroBins Standard Cabinets, or Panel Louvered Hanging System for best organization. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ultra Passive Skimmer

For longer term stormwater management, a unit of this Ultra Passive Skimmer in every basin, vault, sump and holding tank will absolutely be most useful. With each skimmer being able to take 2 gallons of oil, you can simply leave it just like that to continuously catch and absorb oil as water passes it by.

The Ultra Passive Skimmer works passively as the only thing an operator can do is just to place it in a basin, sump, vault or holding tank and let it float there to absorb oil. There is a unique polymer absorbent that tie the caught oil to the polymer matrix, which therefore prevents leaching. Consequently it keeps your storm drain free from ponding or clog due to sediments brought by the water.

Each unit of Ultra Passive Skimmer is 22” long, 14” tall and 2” wide. It helps comply with NPDES 40 CFR 122.23 (1999) used as BMP (Best Management Practice) in storm water pollution prevention plans. Get this unbreakable Ultra Passive skimmer in 2 packs or 5 packs packages.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ultra Grate Lifter

There are times when the grate needs to be opened and you will most likely need a grate lifter. To make the heavy lifting job faster and easier, we recommend you to use the Ultra Grate Lifter, which requires a single person only to operate it. This will definitely reduce your personnel and maintenance costs!

The 90 lbs grate lifter lifts up to 400 lbs of grate. It’s ergonomically designed to prevent injuries normally caused by heavy lifting. It’s also easy to use. After you assemble the unit, simply position the ultra grate lifter on a level surface, then attach hooks near the center of the drain grate. As these hooks are securely hooked, go to the handle and apply pressure. The drain will be lifted easily so that you can swing it away to the other side.

Other accessories accompanying this Ultra Grate Lifter include the carrying case and the hook, sold separately. If you need more information regarding this product, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ultra CurbGuard Insert Style

Now what if the drains have only curb inlets? Then simply use the Ultra CurbGuard Insert Style to keep sediment, oil and other floatables and contaminants out! This Ultra CurbGuard Insert Style has special X-Tex filtering material that you can replace quickly and easily. X-Tex works great to allow large sum of water to pass by while blocking and absorbing the liquid hydrocarbon (petroleum and oil). This will significantly help to keep water clean from pollution. In the mean time two heavy duty tension rods keep the CurbGuard secured inside the inlet, allowing a clean, flush-mounted installation.

Ultra CurbGuard Insert Style does make a great stormwater management for everyone. Check out your options below.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ultra DrainGuard – Curb Insert Style

When you have the combination of catch basins, a street grate and curb opening, the Ultra DrainGuard (Curb Insert Style) might be a great choice to prevent sediment, silt and other debris from entering the curb inlets and catch basins. This way the stormwater will be sifted and come out unpolluted.

The DrainGuard is secured by a heavy-duty tension rod which will stop sediments, oil and other contaminants from entering the curb. This Curb-Insert Style Ultra DrainGuard fits curb inlets up to 60” wide and grate sizes up to 40”x40”. There are two models offered for this type of Ultra DrainGuard: one is the standard Curb-Insert Style Ultra DrainGuard for Oil and Sediment and the other one is the Oil and Sediment Plus model. The latter has special X-Tex strips, which are able to absorb 50% more oil than the standard model. Check out your options below or contact us for more information.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ultra Reusable Dewatering Bags

Ultra Reusable Dewatering Bags

A better type of Ultra Dewatering Bags discussed here is the Ultra Reusable Dewatering Bags. These bags have large opening which makes it easy for dewatering operator to access and remove the trapped sediment, silt or dirt. They have galvanized steel locking rods that can be installed rapidly and easily to secure bag opening during dewatering process. And what more, these bags also comply with NPDES 40 CFR 122.26 (1996) used as BMPs in Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans. The Ultra Reusable Dewatering Bags are a lot more expensive than the non-reusable ones, but in the long run, it saves a lot more money. Definitely worth having.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ultra Dewatering Bag

At storm aftermath, you may want to dewater a site so that it’s clean and ready to use again. In this case, you don’t want to just normally dewater it and dump everything that blends with the water back to the water source. What if it contains oil or dangerous substance that may endanger people’s health or even life? This is when you need Ultra Dewatering Bag.

Ultra dewatering bag gets soiled, possibly polluted water pumped into the bag. Here the oil and sediment are retained, while water is allowed to exit clean. The bags comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1996) when used as part of Best Management Practice in Stormwater pollution prevention plans.

You have three choices of sizes of Ultra Dewatering Bags, including 6’x6’, 10’x15’, and 15’x15’. The use of these Ultra Dewatering Bags will keep the water bodies clean and still suitable for public use.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ultra Drain Guard

Does your business produce oil, sediment and other pollutants? If it does, you certainly must have one of these Ultra DrainGuards systems to better protect the local body of water from getting polluted from your industrial activities. This will let you get the stormwater discharge permit easily and you won’t be making everyone’s health – including yours – deteriorate.

The Ultra DrainGuards complies with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1996) and are designed for practical use in areas that tend to get pollutants mixed away with the stormwater, including industrial facilities and construction sites. Ultra DrainGuards separates wastes – oil, sediments, trash, debris and other pollutants – from stormwater before the runoff sends the water away to the rivers or lakes.

There are several models of Ultra DrainGuards which you can choose from; namely Ultra DrainGuards Oil and Sediment, Ultra DrainGuards Oil and Sediment Plus, and Ultra DrainGuards Trash and Debris. Select it based on the nature of the wastes you are producing and keep it right there when the snow melts or the rain comes. If you need any assistance, we are just one email away.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All-Fiber Drums

As mentioned in the previous blog post, fiber drums have many advantages; one of them being available in many different imaginable sizes and styles. Standard drums normally come in round shape, but All-Fiber drums could appear in squares as well! For certain products, this could be a space-saving solution for square packaging. The tops and the bottoms of these UN-rated fiber drums are designed flat, for the convenience of uniform stacking.

Check out the available sizes here as described in the picture below.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Advantages of Fiber Drums

Fiber drums are largely used in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. Why do these fields choose fiber drums as opposed to metal or plastic drums? Soon you will find the advantages of these reusable and recyclable fiber drums.

Inexpensive alternative compared to metal drums
There is a huge difference in price between fiber drums and metal drums. With the quality and packaging look fiber drums have to offer, the drums are great bargain for the right products.

Wider range of sizes and styles
Due to the nature of the components, it's very easy to produce fiber drums in varied sizes. Some fiber drums are even specifically made for specific products; like fluorescent lamp fiber drums. Sometimes you can even have them customized as you need and like.

Reusable, renewable and recyclable
It doesn't hurt the environment when you use fiber drums. The fiber itself and other components are easily renewable.

Safe for transporting hazardous solids
Fiber drums are approved to be safe containers for hazardous solids.

With all those advantages, fiber drums make perfect, cost-effective containers for powders and other solid materials. 

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