Friday, January 13, 2012


Every workplace needs excellent organization to promote efficiency. Whether it is an office, an industrial area, a home or a garage, when everything is organized, there will be less time wasted to find something. AkroBins is one of the ways to do that. Excellently, we must say. Read on and you’ll understand why.

What is AkroBins?

AkroBins are made of molded high-impact polypropylene block copolymer that is impervious to alkalis and weak acids. It makes it resistant to rust, corrosion and water. The heavy-duty AkroBins are so strong that the production company guarantees that it won’t crack or break under normal conditions. This warranty is given during the first year use.

Why should we choose AkroBins?

AkroBins on Shelving System
Firstly, you can simply stack them on top of each other. The anti-slide feature will keep them from falling off. Or when you have Akro-Mills shelving, panels, rails, racks and/or carts, you can also put them there. Secondly, these bins are so strong that you shouldn’t expect to replace them too soon. Thirdly they are autoclavable, up to 250° F. Last but not least, the Akrobins are available in many different colors to ease your way in identifying which is put where.

What type of environment is best to use AkroBins?

Any type. It can be in the healthcare places, industrial areas, homes and offices or in the garages. You can keep both your small parts and bigger things in these bins since there are wide varieties of sizes that you can choose from. Below is the list of the available sizes. Each size has different colors of bins to choose; i.e. Red, Blue, Yellow, Stone, Green, Semi-Clear and Black.

·         AkroBins 4” x 3” x 2” x 4
·         AkroBins Dividers
·         AkroBins Lids

Use AkroBins with ProCart, AkroBins Standard Cabinets, or Panel Louvered Hanging System for best organization. 

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