Sunday, January 15, 2012

Attached Lid Containers

For some types of applications, you’ll require a lid to cover your container. Attached Lid Containers are perfect to meet your dust-free need so that items stored inside stay clean.

Attached Lid Container

These containers are made of HDPE, making them strong and durable during storage, shipping, order picking and distribution period. The bottom of the containers is textured for an absolute grasp on conveyor belts. The handle grips are designed ergonomically for easy hauling and lifting. And a padlock eye on both ends allows user to lock the containers, ensuring maximum security for the items.

The attached lid containers solve your space problem, instead of adding to one. If you plan to use them as storage, the containers are stackable when the lid’s on and nestable when it’s open and empty. The lids are attached to the containers so that you will never have to lose them ever.

Use Attached Lid Containers for your storage and shipping needs. They are found to be widely used in pharmaceutical, electronic, CD and other retail sectors. 

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