Friday, January 27, 2012

Lovely Things People Make with Jars

What do you do with your jars when you’re done using them? Throw them away? Send them to recycling curb? Wash them and reuse them? I hope you do the last ones. If you haven’t, here are some cool ideas why you should start reusing your plastic and glass jars once you finish the content.

Scandinavian-Style Candle Jars

Great way to recycle glass jars! Simply clean them, attach some wire to make them hangable and put a cute decoration on the outer label part and put a candle inside. See the instruction how to make it here.

Hanging Storage

What about this hanging storage made of mason jars? Pretty cool idea, don’t you think? All you need to do is to make sure that you glue the jar lid very, very well using the strongest glue you can ever think of. Or better, make a hole and screw the lid onto the bottom of the shelf! Originally taken from here.

Window Sill Flower Vases

What about brightening up the kitchen – or any other sunny part of the house – with these lovely flower vases made of glass jars?

Memory Jar

Do you ever have that feeling that you want to remember everything you’ve done every single day but too lazy to write a diary, to blog or to do scrapbooking? Here’s an awesome idea how you can do it without feeling compelled that you have to explain long or spend time finding your glue to put the memory in the scrapbook: “get a memory jar!” Simply leave the jar somewhere you have large access to and write on a post-it every time something worth remembering happens. Genius, right? Source: SteamyKitchen

Mason Jar Pies

If you like cooking/baking, this will definitely catch your interest. Make mason jar pies! It’s unique, almost costless, and it’s delicious! Try it here.

Wall-Mounted Jar Planter

Be green! Not only by planting as many greens, but also by using recycled materials for the planting action. Turn your plastic or glass jars in to planters, just like these wall-mounted jar planters!

Have you got more ideas on how to reuse glass or plastic jars? Share them here with our readers!

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