Monday, January 30, 2012

Open-Head Steel Drums

When choosing which type of drums suits best for shipping, you should first see what type of material that you want to transport. Solid chemicals and highly viscous liquids will be best stored in Open-Head Steel Drums while the runny liquids fit better in the Closed-Head Steel Drums. Open-head steel drums feature removable lids that can be locked either with leverlock or bolt-type ring. Closed head steel drums have a fixed top with a bung opening for pouring the liquid content. In this blog post, we will concentrate more on Open-Head Steel Drums.
Open-head steel drums are available for two different types of solid products: hazardous and non-hazardous. For hazardous content, one is suggested to take the UN-rated open head steel drums as these steel barrels are made of materials that can protect both content and shipper. For any other items – including inks, lubricants, non-hazardous chemicals, etc., the standard open-head steel drums will do the work. Naturally the UN-rated drums cost slightly more than the standard ones.

Most shipping applications will require only standard open-head steel barrels. This type of drums costs less than the UN-rated ones, yet performs as strong and as durable as long as the content is not hazardous. Bay Tec has standard open-head steel drums from the sizes of 16 gallon to 55 gallon. Choices come in rust-inhibitor interior and chemical-resistant epoxy-phenolic lining.

These drums’ standard color is black. However, if you wish to have different colors, you may get them with minimum order of 25 pieces + some extra charges. With the 55 gallon standard open-head steel drums offered as low as $57.56, this mustn’t be such a big deal. Enjoy the price cuts now and have specific drum color you want which best identifies your company!

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