Saturday, January 14, 2012

Panel Louvered Hanging Systems for AkroBins Organization

Do you have problem with storage space at your work place? You shouldn’t anymore! Panel Louvered Hanging Systems help solve this by utilizing the wall or floor spaces to mount the system for hanging AkroBins. This way every inch of space is used to the max.

Of course you can always stack the AkroBins on top of each other without this panel system. But the panel hanging system makes them look even neater and they can hold more AkroBins than the normal stacking method. That means better organization and more things you can store! If you have no floor space anymore, simply choose the wall-mounted model and securely mount the panels onto the wall. It’s super neat, right?

The panel louvered hanging system is made of 16-gauge cold-reeled steel. Therefore, it’s extremely sturdy and durable that it can take up to 288 AkroBins. There are 11 models to choose from, including wall, floor and bench models as seen below.

The panel system makes it easy for anyone to access items and choosing different colors of AkroBins (sold separately) makes identification trouble-free. If your office is in dire need for better organization, Panel Louvered Hanging System and AkroBins are the answer.

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