Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pick Rack Systems

There are so many ways to organize AkroBins. One can stack them on top of each other without the help of any racks, carts or shelves, or they can arrange them neatly with Paneled Louvered Hanging System, Shelving system, Standard Cabinets, or ProCart. Now there is still another way to organize AkroBins. It’s called the Pick Rack System.

The pick rack system aims to provide easy experience on organizing small items, finding them without difficulty, conveniently picking the items and possibly making them mobile if user needs to move the rack around. It’s found to work very well in healthcare environments where things need to be at easy reach any time they’re needed. And it should be a great use too at any other types of workplaces where there are a lot of small things to keep.

Never lose anything again with the AkroBins and the Pick Rack System. The combination between strong polypropylene yellow bins and the 16-gauge steel rack provide durable, long-lasting storage for your inventory. Simply add an optional mobile kit, you can move your rack around as often as you need.
Single-Sided Pick Rack System

Choose from Single-Sided Pick Rack (as shown on the picture above), Double-Sided Pick Rack to Bench Pick Rack based on the space you have at work. We offer the pick racks together with the yellow bins so that you don’t need to make different purchases. See more here or contact our representatives for further detail.

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