Sunday, January 22, 2012


For great mobility in transferring heavy boxes or AkroBins full of accessories or tools, one may need a ProCart. ProCart is a double-duty utility cart designed to adapt to different ways and places where it is used. Whether it is to transport boxes from one place to another or simply to use it as storage shelves for AkroBins, ProCart offers high flexibility that your work demands.

If you already have AkroBins, you must know by now that there are many ways to organize your AkroBins. You can stack them on top of each other, you can use a louvered hanging system mounted on the wall to save space, and now you can use a ProCart where mobility is a high need.

The ProCart is made of HDPE structural foam, which allows it to resist dent and rust. You never need to paint it either. The featured design includes hinged side gates on both shelves. These can be flipped up to make the ProCart a box-top cart or flipped down to make it a flat-top cart. This is such a practical way to slide boxes on and off the shelves as you load and unload them.

Watch the video below to better show you how ProCart can be utilized maximally.

Choose this versatile ProCart to ease the transporting need for your boxes. It’s great to use for securely transporting medical supplies or shipping boxes. It’s also great to use for storage for your AkroBins. Each shelf has 200 lb capacity, making a total of 400 lb capacity for both shelves. There are small and large carts available, with or without hanging system for Akrobins. Click here for more info.

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