Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spice Up Your Recycling Bins

As more people realize how important recycling is these days, recycling bins have become a need in industries, in commercial places and even at home. Especially for home use, sometimes you just don’t have the resources to buy the fancy colorful recycling bins just for the sake of recycling. Besides, that old pail will work too, right? So why not make your own recycling bins from colorful 5 gallon buckets? They’ll cost you practically almost nothing with just a little effort in the beginning.

You will need:
  • At least three 5 gallon pails in different colors; red, green and blue. If you want four pails, take yellow pail for the fourth one. You can also go with the square buckets. These may save more space.
  • Recycling bin labels. These will help the family understand which bin is for which. There are some free printable recycling labels on the internet that you can just download and print. Feel free to choose the ones that suit you best. Some cute ones can be found here and here. If you want more “serious-looking” labels, click here and here. Just make sure that your labels are easy to spot.

  • Clean the pails if necessary.
  • Line them with Economical Trash Pail Liners
  • Print the labels and stick them on the bins. Plastic on the red pail, paper on the blue pail, organic trash on the green pail and glass on the yellow pail. Laminating them will give them longer life.
  • The new spiced-up recycling bins are ready to use! Make sure to let everyone know the uses of each bin and why you need to sort your trash that way. 


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