Monday, January 16, 2012

Stak-N-Store Bins

While AkroBins are perfect for storing small things, like stationary, small garage tools, etc, Stak-N-Store bins are designed to provide excellent storage for bulky items. It’s got the same idea of simply stacking the bins on top of each other on the floor or organizing them on shelves, but only much more heavy-duty.

Stak-N-Store bins are constructed of heavy duty polypropylene with 75 lb. maximum capacity. The large radius corners and the curved upper lip are designed to add strength, while the side ribs provide stability when stacked. The large grip handles also provide comfort and excellent grip when the bins are lifted or carried. You will see in the picture below how the wide-hopper front allows easy access to stored items.

There are three sizes and colors to choose from. Bin colors include Red, Blue and Gray. Bins with 13017 code are also offered in White. Click here for 0.98 Cu Ft bins, here for 1.70 Cu Ft bins, and here for 1.60 Cu Ft bins. 

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