Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stak-N-Store Steel Shelving System

Although Stak-N-Store bins can be used alone by vertically stacking them on top of each other, some businesses prefer having them neatly stored on shelves. Fortunately there is steel shelving system especially made for Stak-N-Store bins. Constructed of 22-gauge steel with powder coat finish, the shelving units take up to 350 lb. capacity per shelf – perfect for the heavy duty bins.

Choose between Single-bins shelving system and Multi-bins system. These units are sold as complete with the bins, with the feature of sanitary base where debris and dust underneath the shelving are kept away. The shelves are easy to assemble; with only using nuts and bolts for the top and bottom shelves, while user has more flexibility with the other shelves in the middle. Adjust the shelves with the height you want to accommodate the bins only by using the compression clips provided.

Use Stak-N-Store bins with the steel shelving system and keep your important stationary and tools where they belong. You never have to lose anything ever again with the Stak-N-Store Steel Shelving System. Available in different sizes: 6-shelf unit, 12” single bin unit in 13 shelves, 18” single bin unit in 13 shelves, 12” multi bin unit in 11 shelves, and 18” multi bin unit in 11 and 13 shelves.

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