Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stormwater Management: What is It?

Storm water management needs to be implemented by most industries, constructions sites, parking lot, etc. It is basically the control method of storm water discharge so that it won’t pollute the local surface waters, such as rivers, streams, lakes or coastal waters.
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How do we control the storm water?

By building a stormwater runoff. These runoffs flow over solid surfaces like parking lots, building rooftops, and paved streets. They collect debris, sediments, chemicals and other types of pollutants that could affect water quality if the runoffs are left untreated. The main method to control these stormwater discharges is by using the best management practices (BMPs).

Why do Industries need to get NPDES permit before they discharge storm water?

Because the industries are one among three potential sources (the others being the municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) and construction activities) where stormwater discharge might cause a national problem. The permit is given only when an industry has shown how it manages the storm water discharge when it takes place. If this permit is not obtained, which means there is no storm water management in the company, as the storm water runoff could possibly wash harmful pollutants produced by industrial activities to the local surface waters. Click here to see the types of industrial activities meant here.
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To avoid these substances to get into contact with public water – which further could result to public health damage, every industry as well as the municipal government is responsible to maintain the water clear from possible contaminants or pollutants. Apply Storm Water Management to prevent the problems from happening.

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  1. Amazing technique you have used to couteract the stormwater! Industrial equipment is becoming a major part of our lives.


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