Thursday, January 19, 2012

Super Size AkroBins & Their Dolly and Cart

Different businesses have different needs. One might need small storage bins for stationary and small tools, another might want something bigger. Fortunately, there are the Super Size AkroBins for storing large items. Just like the smaller Akrobins, these Super Size ones are also stackable and nestable. As they can get very heavy to hand-handle, there are dollies and carts made for better mobility for these super size AkroBins.

The super size AkroBins themselves are built from one-piece, high-impact polypropylene. They are strong, waterproof, rustproof and corrosion proof. These bins won’t get affected by weak acids or alkalis. The bins and dollies are also autoclavable up to 250°F. It’s got a 1-year limited warranty that it won’t crack or break under normal load conditions. The bins are available in various sizes and three main colors (blue, red and yellow). For complete list, click here.

You can also add a cart for these super size AkroBins. Choose between carts that hold up to 6 bins and 9 bins.

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