Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ultra Drain Guard

Does your business produce oil, sediment and other pollutants? If it does, you certainly must have one of these Ultra DrainGuards systems to better protect the local body of water from getting polluted from your industrial activities. This will let you get the stormwater discharge permit easily and you won’t be making everyone’s health – including yours – deteriorate.

The Ultra DrainGuards complies with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1996) and are designed for practical use in areas that tend to get pollutants mixed away with the stormwater, including industrial facilities and construction sites. Ultra DrainGuards separates wastes – oil, sediments, trash, debris and other pollutants – from stormwater before the runoff sends the water away to the rivers or lakes.

There are several models of Ultra DrainGuards which you can choose from; namely Ultra DrainGuards Oil and Sediment, Ultra DrainGuards Oil and Sediment Plus, and Ultra DrainGuards Trash and Debris. Select it based on the nature of the wastes you are producing and keep it right there when the snow melts or the rain comes. If you need any assistance, we are just one email away.

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