Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ultra DrainGuard – Curb Insert Style

When you have the combination of catch basins, a street grate and curb opening, the Ultra DrainGuard (Curb Insert Style) might be a great choice to prevent sediment, silt and other debris from entering the curb inlets and catch basins. This way the stormwater will be sifted and come out unpolluted.

The DrainGuard is secured by a heavy-duty tension rod which will stop sediments, oil and other contaminants from entering the curb. This Curb-Insert Style Ultra DrainGuard fits curb inlets up to 60” wide and grate sizes up to 40”x40”. There are two models offered for this type of Ultra DrainGuard: one is the standard Curb-Insert Style Ultra DrainGuard for Oil and Sediment and the other one is the Oil and Sediment Plus model. The latter has special X-Tex strips, which are able to absorb 50% more oil than the standard model. Check out your options below or contact us for more information.

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