Saturday, January 21, 2012

What to Do to Your Empty Unusable Plastic Wastes Before Sending Them Out to the Recycling Curb

By now you may have made up your mind to participate in the recycling program and help save the earth. You buy or build your own recycling trash bins, you place the right rubbish to the right bin, you reuse your plastic containers until they are unusable and you make your own compost from the organic wastes. But then what to do with the plastic wastes in the plastic bin after they’re full? Check out the tips below on what to do to this plastic rubbish before sending them out to the recycling curb.

Seek advice from the nearby community recycling program

You need to do this step because it’s essential to sort out your garbage before delivering them to local recycling curb. Every community has different set of rules and the earlier you know these rules, the better. Ask them whether you should take off the paper labels off the plastic rubbish or leaving them on will still be okay.

Empty and wash the plastic wastes before throwing them into the recycling bin

You can’t send the plastic wastes with content inside. Whether it’s soda, food scraps, etc. you should always empty the plastic and wash them out before throwing them into the recycling bin. This will make the recycling curb’s task easier and it really won’t take you more than two minutes to do it.

Take the plastic wastes away and let the city or the nearest recycling center handle them

Some municipalities provide different colored bins for the citizens to throw away their different garbage accordingly. If your city provides this, use these bins to contain your plastic wastes. If not, find the nearest recycling center and drop the plastics there for further treatment. If you have no idea where to find these centers, look them up in If you don’t want to spend time frequently driving to the recycling center, just collect the plastic wastes in a bigger container, like the recycled fiber drum, and only go there once it’s full.

Have you done a good thing to the earth today? If you haven’t, you definitely should start doing it.

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