Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Creative Uses of Used Cardboard Boxes

Sometimes there are life events, such as moving, that make us use a lot of cardboard boxes at a time. Sometimes, we're just piling up these boxes simply because we get them every time we purchase something that needs to hold and protect the item. Then there will be times when we wonder what we should do with all the piling cardboard boxes. Apart from the obvious to use these used boxes as containers of miscellaneous things, let's check out some of these cool, super creative uses of used cardboard boxes that people have done.

Stylish Cardboard Coffee Table
Made by Thato Riet
Source: here

Cardboard Box Forts
Children will love this one!
Source: Green Prophet

Cardboard Box Halloween Costume
Source: last mariner
It came from the mail room

Cardboard Bike
Source: http://quickrelease.tv/?p=505

Cardboard Shoes
Made by Mark O'Brien
Source: Junk Culture

Cardboard Gift Boxes and Holders

Cardboard Guitars
DIY cute cardboard guitars; see instruction here.

Cardboard Furniture
This house is really packed with cardboard furniture.

Big Cardboard "Boat"

Are you impressed already? Can you think of something to make out of used cardboard boxes? Share with us here.

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  1. You can also make reusable bins from these cardboard boxes. Give them a shape like square boxes and use them for your moving and storing purposes.


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