Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making a Green Home is Easy and Inexpensive

Today, there are still many people who think that having a green home takes a lot of effort, money and time. While it is true that the act of recycling plastic and turning it into something useful costs quite a lot of money, but that is really what the recycling curb or the city’s recycling program has to deal with. For a small-scale, environmentally friendly people like us, being green only starts at home; and that is truly an easy and inexpensive thing to do. Would you like to know how? Stay with us and read on.

Dedicate different rubbish bins for different wastes

You see, it’s only complicated when we pile all the same wastes into one bin, and later sort them into “recyclable wastes” and “non-recyclable ones.” If we just make different bins for different types of wastes and start throwing rubbish into its respective bin, then it’s not hard at all! It doesn’t take time other than providing the bins with specific colors and labels for different wastes.  If buying the ready-made bins costs too much for you, you can make your own recycle bins from cheap 5 gallon buckets.

Make your own compost from the organic wastes you collect

Why not? Not only will you save money on compost – if you like gardening – you will also eliminate the possibility that you have to find a city organic rubbish bin to throw away your organic wastes. See how you can make your own compost bin here.

Swap those toxic household cleaners with organic products

Always check the cleaning products you buy whether it contains toxic or not. Don't buy it if they do. You might not feel it when you use these products, but the environment will. The water you mix the products with will end up in the sewer, to the rivers and even in the grounds. This pollutes the habitat and living organisms. In the long run, we will get the negative result of this act. We may eat food produces that grow in polluted land or fishes from polluted water. Plant-based cleaning products are better to use.

Pack waste-free lunch for your kids and family

The more we throw away paper plates, plastic bags, disposable cutleries, and ready-pack drinks, the more we are being unkind to the environment. Did you know that to degrade all of those things above could take hundreds of years? Start packing a waste-free lunch for your family. Check out how here.

Use less bug sprays

Although sometimes it feels like you can’t help it because the insects are just so annoying, do something more permanent to keep the insects out. Seal all holes on the walls or put mosquito nets at the ventilated areas like windows or doors. This should help prevent the insects’ attacks and will require you to use less bug sprays, which in the long run could be harmful for your own health and the environment.

Save water, use rainwater barrels

Our previous blog post on saving water to reuse later is a good way to save water bills and reuse the caught water for watering the garden or flushing the toilet. Only by the help of 5 gallon pails and/or rain barrel, you can be good to yourself and to the environment.

Still think that having green home causes too much pain? It can’t be with those ideas above. If you have any other ideas to share, please do post a comment here.

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