Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tips to Turn Craft Making Hobby into Business

by Margarida Sardo
Do you enjoy making crafts? From quilt to sweater knitting to card making, all this could be turned into great business as more people start to appreciate homemade designs rather than massive factory production. You can see the evidence from the increasing number of craft blogs on the internet. Here are some tips if you are interested in trying out making a business out of your crafts.

Know your target audience

Will your crafts appeal to male, female, old, young, feminine, masculine, chic, posh, traditional, low-budget or high-end customers? You need to determine this from the very beginning. Not to limit the buyers, but to address their specific needs in your marketing tools later.

Decide an identity of your home-based company

An identity is important for a customer to spot the products they like. It includes logo of your company, catchy tagline, etc. If you start from zero with initial budget of less than $1000, you can try making these on your own or get a graphic designer friend who can do it for you not too expensively. Take your time to decide your vision and mission. Your logo and the rest of the company branding should be based on this initial idea.

Sell through different ways

There are many ways to sell your crafts. You can either get a website designer/programmer to design an online shop for you, but this will cost quite a lot. Cheaper way is to promote your goods through eBay, etsy, etc.

Use social media for marketing

It’s the era of internet! Everybody uses it. How many people do you know that don’t have blog, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr? Marketing has never been easier. You can also reach more target audience than when you sell locally in a shop. Create a noise about your newborn business and get noticed.

Ship crafts with nice packaging

Packaging has a crucial role in selling products. The better packaging you have, the better the impression you make to the customers and the more chance you have return clients. Bay Tec has a lot of shipping boxes to offer. They are of different kinds, shapes and sizes made of different types of materials. See the complete list here to find what suit your products best. You still need to beautify the packaging boxes with nicely designed labels.

Choose a trusted mailing service

While you want to save on shipping cost, you still need to make sure that the mailing service is known for great safe deliveries. If the crafts you are making are breakable, ensure that you put enough padding inside the box and notify the postal service that the goods are fragile.

Selling crafts may not be the one thing that gets you easy regular money, but if you can be happy when making crafts AND make money in the end, it must be such a good way to live life, mustn’t it? Give it a try now and tell us how it goes!

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