Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where to Put Plastic Storage Cabinets and for What Items?

Remember this plastic storage cabinet? You might wonder where you could place this useful thing at home or at the office. Here are some ideas where you could possibly mount the cabinet.

Over the toilet

Store small bathroom items in the drawers like cotton buds, spare toothbrushes, facial cream tubes, anything you can find in the bathroom which you don’t want to see lying around on the counter. This way, things in the bathroom are well-organized and easy to find.

In the closet as accessories storage

If you like collecting accessories (or your wife or daughter does) like earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc., the plastic storage cabinet can be a great solution for bedroom area. Simply put the accessories there, label them and mount them on a wall that is easy to reach.

In the garage

You need storage for those nails, screws and small screwdrivers! The plastic storage cabinet will make a great solution for those little things.

At the office

The drawer cabinet is the perfect place to store pens, mails, business cards and other office stuffs. Get one for your office and pool the mess into good storage where you can find all your little things easily.

How useful this plastic storage is! You can use it practically for anything in anywhere you like! If you ever get tired of all the mess at your place, be they keys, cell phone charger plugs, staplers, etc. you can always opt to get one of these plastic drawer storage cabinets!

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