Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Cardboard Issue: How to Recycle Pizza Box

BarCampManchesterUk - 40 empty pizza boxes
Some of you may have known that using things made of cardboard, such as fiber drums, shipping cardboard boxes, etc., is a good thing to do since cardboard is recyclable. However, it is a different case for a cardboard packaging that is contaminated with greasy food products, like pizza box. The oil stuck on the pizza box will actually ruin the whole recycling process since recycling paper products normally includes mixing the recycled items with water. And we all know water is never oil’s best friend. This only concludes one thing: greasy cardboard is not recyclable.

That leaves to a question: should we just throw away the pizza box as soon as we’re done eating the food?

We don’t necessarily have to. You see, it’s the part that is greasy that is unrecyclable. The rest is acceptable for recycling. So what we can do is to tear off the contaminated part, keep the clean one, collect these recyclable clean cardboard boxes and send them off to the recycling curb for further processing. Please don’t cheat by slipping one greasy cardboard into the piles as this will ruin the whole batch.

Have you recycled your pizza boxes today?


  1. I completely agree with this however I can't help but think that this is an unrealistic target as it is hard enough to get people to recycle. Thinking about it logically, a pizza box usually only has grease on the inside base of the box, so wouldn't it be beneficial for cardboard packaging manufacturers to design a box that had a pop out section in the base so people can easily pop out the middle and recycle the rest of it.

    I know this is also probably a far fetched idea, but recycling is the future so we need to make a serious effort to do it.

  2. Not all kinds of boxes can be recycled especially those that were painted with plastic coating. The boxes shown above are of brown color which can still be put of good use as long as the greasy part has been removed. Thanks for the info!



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