Monday, March 5, 2012

Decorative Bucket Ideas

There is no reason that highly functional buckets shouldn't look attractive. As a matter of fact, we tend to enjoy something more when it's appealing to our eyes. So, if you happen to run out of weekend project ideas, these are some decorative bucket ideas that may catch your interest and act as a good time-filler in your spare time.

Chalkboard Bucket Gift
The Tidy Nest had this idea to buy a low cost tin pail, sprayed it with chalkboard paint, wrote something on it and sweetened it with a ribbon before filling it with gifts. Why not copy this idea with your own touch?

Remote Control Bucket
Decorate your bucket and dump the many remote controls you have at home. This way you won't have to always try to find where one specific remote control is. That is of course if you put the remote control back to the bucket. :-) If you don't feel like decorating the bucket yourself, the Vittles Vaults are nice ready-made decorative buckets to use.

Kids' Toys Bucket Rack
The breadedEscalope designed this super cute toys bucket rack. Perhaps an idea to make a similar thing with your buckets at home?

Garden Tools Bucket Organizer
If you like sewing, this organizer placed in and over a 5 gallon bucket may be a good idea. (photo source: Fixars)

Decorative Halloween Bucket
Boo! Make these decorative Halloween buckets just before the season comes. They'll surely be a hit! (Source:

Bucket Ottoman

Killer B. Designs has this genius idea to make a great use of used buckets! Isn't the Ottoman looking absolutely gorgeous? 

Bucket Storage
Even untouched metal pails can look superb when treated right. Hanging these pails with colorful contents against contrasting wall makes them lovely and eye-catching. Source: Jetruth

Decorative Flower Bucket
Can you believe this attractive pot used to be a paint bucket? Just cover it with decorative paper or gift wrap, and you'll have a nice flower pot for the house! Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Pails are easy to find and also low cost. The projects above should cost you almost nothing and you'll feel like you've achieved so much when it's completed. So why not give it a try?

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