Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to Choose the Right Drum Handling Equipment

hydraulic drum handler
It is no secret that drum handling equipment gives so much ease in a plant whose activities involve many drums. From equipments as simple as drum cradles to something more complicated like drum lifters, drum handling equipments – when rightly chosen – bring effectiveness, provide more safety to the person who handle the drums and in the long run save much money. However, there is no point having drum handling equipment that doesn’t adequately address your plant’s needs, or whose functions exceed the normal activities. So how do we choose the right drum handling equipment for the workplace? Check out some tips below.

Look at the drum type and size in the plant

The first thing one needs to do before purchasing any type of drum handling equipment is to see what they’ve got in the plant. Do you have big drums or smaller ones? Are they of steel, plastic or fiber? Most drum handling equipment fits the work for steel barrels. Some work great for plastic and fiber drums though they might need additional equipment to do the job properly.

Check the size of the work area

Some workplaces are larger than the others. If you have the luxury of space, then it’s no problem to choose whichever drum handling equipment necessary for your drums. But if your space is tight, you’ll need to look more into your choices. Which equipment doesn’t take a lot of room but still does the job? Consult our representatives to see what your options are.

How far do you go vertically?

Normal drum handling equipment usually covers up to 8 feet high from the ground. Any higher than that, check with us if you could place a special order with your specific needs.

How heavy is the normal load of your drums?

Every drum handling equipment has different capacity that they can handle. Weigh your maximum load and see which equipment fits that.

Assess your drum storage need

How would you like to store your drums? You can choose static drum storage or mobile one if you need to move it around a lot. Then if you often pour content from the storage, drum cradle or dispensing shelf could make a great storage. Check your options here and see yourself which one is best for your plant.

How much power do you need to work on your drums?

Bigger power drum handling equipments can deliver faster for big drums. But for small barrels, this could be a wasted resource. Choosing the correct equipments for your barrels from the beginning could save you a lot of money and maintenance fee in the future.

Drum handling equipment could be an easy answer for your plant needs. Choose it wisely and save your company’s money and time to best deliver your products.

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