Thursday, March 15, 2012

Outdoor Hut Stores Drums with Hazardous Materials

It’s more often tricky than not when it comes to storing drums filled with hazardous materials. Outdoor hut helps keep them out of your plant for maximum protection.

It’s one-of-a-kind hut. Holding up to 8 drums of standard 48” x 48” pallets and a room for a worker to work on the drums, the hut is made of 100% polyethylene that is resistant to ultraviolet, harsh weathers and chemicals. It guarantees that the pallet doesn’t rust or corrode.

The hut is designed with twin double-wall doors and built-in 75 gallon sump to contain spills and leaks. There are 3 structural foam grates with the capability to support 8000 lbs. UDL. There are also molded-in vents to reduce fume and condensation build-up. Loading each drum is also a lot easier with the multi-purpose ramp. This ramp is lightweight and attaches easily and quickly to door opening.

Check out this Enpac Job outdoor storage if the nature of your business needs you to keep hazmat things in drums. It’ll be a big help in no time.

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