Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Repurposed Tins and Metal Jars

More and more people start to recycle these days. It’s a good sign towards better, cleaner, healthier future for our kids and grandchildren. In this blog post, we are going to talk about repurposed tins and metal cans and how to make use of these available, empty cans for other purposes.

You find them everywhere in the house. Soup cans, cat’s canned wet food, mint candies tins, etc. The question is what you do with the empty cans once the content is used. Typically we just throw them away to the rubbish bin. But what’s better to do is to give these empty cans a second life. Like some of these folks did.

Craft tool organizer
What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we ask you what will you use your used cans for? The obvious one is really as a storage container. Turning the tins into storage container for craft tools, like color pencils, rulers, scissors, etc. is even a nicer idea. Look at the picture below from craftzine. Don’t you think the industrial look of these can organizers look awesome?

Can soap dispenser
Make your own soap dispenser! Out of empty cans. Follow the step-by-step instruction here and let us know how it goes. All you need are just a tin can, a small jar, epoxy, knife and a pump. Easy peasy.

Tin can pin cushion
Do you enjoy sewing? Then this cute handmade tin can pin cushion should interest you. It’s easy to make and it’s very useful to keep you pins together at the same place.

Wall container garden
This one is too cute. All it takes is just cleaning the tin cans real well, make holes for water drainage at the bottom and use them as wall planters. Amazing!
Blue painted cans act as a wall container, Toronto, Canada

Tin can table numbers
What about DIY table numbers? They’re cheap, they’re easy to make and they’re not hurting the environment! Check out the link above and see if you can do it yourself.

Decorated metal tins
You want to do this whole metal tin reusing but you don’t really want to see the ugly labels when used as decorative things at home. Why not emboss the surface? Check this out to know how!

There are so many things that you can do with used metal tins and cans. As long as you have put your mind into repurposing them, you’ve already made yourselves one of the world’s recyclers. Why not use some of the ideas above or invent one of your own? You’ll definitely feel better afterwards!

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  1. I am going to try the tin can pin cushion what a good idea I sew a lot.

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