Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teaching Kids to Recycle

Education is best started early. The earlier we can make our kids aware of the importance of recycling, the better future we are looking into. Many schools have begun introducing recycle to the young students. It is even more ideal if parents can be more actively supportive to this by training kids to put the right waste to the right bin. For this you’ll first need to provide different bins for different wastes. Then you need to train your children which wastes are best to put where. Plastic wastes such as milk jugs and soda bottles to the plastic bins and paper wastes to the paper bins and so on.

And what’s a better education than giving them fun games to play? We are so lucky we are in the internet era where finding such games is super easy. Check out some links below containing of cool kids recycling games. Accompany them while they’re playing and assist them when they have difficulties. Then get them to apply that in real life.

Help Gus the Gorilla place the right wastes to the right bins at the park. Some can be recycled, some cannot, and some can be composted. Go through this first stage with your child, then let him or her play on her own to get used to it.

Drag the wastes to the right boxes.

The classic hangman game, only with recycle-related words.

Print this PDF file and let the kids play Recycle Bingo with you or with their friends.

Move Michael with the arrow buttons to collect and drop the wastes to the right bins. Then get the other kids who throw garbage away in the park and turn them into eco friendly friends.

So, do you think those could work for your kids to teach them early awareness of recycling? Then you should really begin the activities now and enjoy the result later!

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