Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly Trivia on Plastic: Plastic Bottles Turned into T-Shirt

Here is good news about recycling plastic bottles: when done right, they can be turned into T-Shirt! For green fashionistas who care about environment, this could be a new fashion line they want to take and be faithful for.

The polyester graphic T-shirt on the left was produced and designed by Brooklyn Industries. It feels soft just like normal T-shirts and it looks as cool. Who can seriously believe that this single tee was constructed of 14 recycled plastic bottles?

There is a downside of it, though. The polyester garment can’t be processed with the same normal recycling procedure at the end of its life. Unless it’s 100% polyester (stitching and tag included), it’s going to be a real challenge to turn this plastic tee into something else. Fortunately, companies like Rethink Fabrics are finding ways to tackle this problem, which hopefully could be realized soon.

However, wherever recycled plastic polyester fabric stands in the sustainable products, it is already offering one solution in plastic bottle recycling. With only less than 30% of plastic bottles recycled in the USA, this development on plastic T-shirt could hopefully change some people’s mind and habit about plastic bottle recycling. With more recycling awareness being spread around, the use of water or soda plastic bottles can be hoped to be reduced and recycled.

In the mean time until a solution is found on how to better recycle plastic fabric, we can always turn the used plastic fabrics into rags. At the very least you can collect your plastic bottles and separate them from the others so the recycling curb can process it into perhaps cooler T-shirts. Or if you feel like doing it (and have the time for it) some of these cool creative ways to reuse plastic bottles could be nice ideas.

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