Sunday, April 22, 2012

5 Top Reasons Why People Like All-Fiber Drums

Apart from the traditional plastic drums and steel drums, there is another type of drums that is growing in the liking of some plant owners – fiber drums. Fiber drums are made of dense paperboard that are strong, yet easy to cut and formed. There are a number of reasons why there is increased interest on fiber drums, as described below.


Due to the materials used in making the paperboard (or cardboard), fiber drums are offered in a lot more affordable prices than plastic or steel drums. For example the 30-gallon All-Fiber drum is priced at $34.95; that is way cheaper than other 30 gallon barrels made of steel or plastic, which can reach over $100 for each retail price.

100% Recyclable

With the big fuss on which things are environmentally sounded and which are not, it is always wise to take the safer alternative. When the situation allows, one should always choose something that doesn’t hurt the environment. All-fiber drums are made of sustainable virgin kraft or recycled cardboard. They are also 100% recyclable. In case one day you decide to stop using them, you don’t have to feel guilty that the drums will be at the end of their lives as well. Simply drop them off at the recycling curb and let them do the rest.

UN-approved for transportation of hazardous material

When handling hazmat goods, one has to be extra careful as to not endangering people’s lives in the process of handling and transporting. All-fiber drums are approved by the UN for hazmat transport.


Drums that are stackable save space! All-fiber drums have both round and square shapes and both are stackable on top of each other. There is an added advantage if you choose the square ones, since this shape should save even more space in your limited working area.

Low weight

Low weight drums are easier to handle than the heavier ones.  Fiber drums, due to the materials used in the making, are low weight. They’re perfect to contain powders, pastes, solids, hazardous products and granules. That’s why fiber drums are mostly seen used by the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and waste companies.

If you deal with the types of products mentioned above, you might want to consider switching to fiber barrels. They save money, space, energy and they are also eco-friendly. Who doesn’t want to have all those?

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