Tuesday, April 10, 2012

AMPCO Hazmat Response Safety Tool Kit

Any plant that deals with hazardous material has risk of (accidentally) spilling off a drop or two of the dangerous products; this is why they absolutely need hazmat response safety tool kit. The versatile kit is not only a plant’s first response to hazmat spills, but it also gives comfort knowing that the handy kit is available within close reach.

The said hazmat response safety tool kit is from AMPCO consisting of 17 pieces of safety tools to hazmat spill. These tools include:

1.       Round wire shoe handle brush
2.       Crate opener
3.       Claw hammer with 12 ounce head
4.       Common knife
5.       Putty knife
6.       Groove joint pliers
7.       Needle nose pliers with cutter
8.       Combination pliers
9.       Deck scrapper
10.   Spray booth scraper
11.   Standard screwdriver
12.   Phillips screwdriver
13.   Tin snips
14.   Adjustable end wrench of 8” L
15.   Adjustable end wrench of 12” L
16.   Aluminum adjustable pipe wrench
17.   Bung wrench

All those FM-approved non-sparking, non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant tools are contained in plastic 5 gallon bucket with screw on lid that ensures used contents are sealed and isolated until they can be properly cleaned.

Do you own a plant dealing with hazardous products on daily basis? You’ll most likely need this AMPCO hazmat response safety tool kit in case the unexpected happens. Keep things safe around your plant and make sure you’ll run the business for a very long time. 

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