Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Container Liners for the Longevity of Your Containers and the Protection of Stored Products

Good plant maintenance always includes container liners for drums or cans to protect two things: the container itself and the product stored inside. By providing these liners, not only can you have the containers for longer period of time, but you can also be sure that the stored products don’t get direct contamination from the outside or in any way leak out.

We have Rubbermaid Container Liners of various sizes. There are 45 gallon and 55 gallon liners for big containers like barrels; and there are smaller ones for cans (20 gallon to 32 gallon liners). The latter works absolutely well in housekeeping purposes. A hospital may find the liners very useful to contain wastes that aren’t supposed to be in contact with people and a hotel may want to line their containers to keep the bed sheets nice and tidy. In a plant, it’s definitely versatile to keep stored products in good condition before shipping. It also works to protect the interior of the barrels from degrading in quality.

The Rubbermaid container liners are high quality liners for various types of applications. Made of linear low density polyethylene, it doesn’t break easily, it stops leaking and it’s flexible enough to handle. There is strong “star seal” bottom to prevent gaps along the seal where there could be leaks. Packaged in dual-dispensing feature to allow us to dispense from the top or the side of the liner.

Have you got container liners at your workplace? If you haven’t, perhaps it’s a good time to start having some.

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