Thursday, April 26, 2012

Decorated Rain Barrels

Rain water barrels have become an important part of today's water conservation life, recycling movement and care for the environment. More and more Americans (and the rest of the world) realize how important rain barrels are for them, especially when it comes to saving water and money. By conserving the rain water by using rain barrels, the lawn can be easily irrigated without additional cost on water and electricity use. However, for some people the original look of rain water barrels could be quite unappealing. While one can always cover them with shrubs, another way to proudly state that you have rain water barrels - and thus participating in water conservation - is by decorating the rain barrels. Look at a few examples we pick up from people's blogs below and see how attractive decorated rain barrels could be.

Adkins arboretum recycles plastic barrels formerly used to contain food products and turn them into rain water barrels. They decorated some as seen above and they sure look quite nice!

Rain Barrels and Gardens blog has a few tips for painting rain water barrels on your own. 

Victoria Barth decorated these 5 rain barrels for The Common Ground NRH Community Gardens.
Source: oureverydayearth

The Tennessee Aquarium, working together with The United Way, Ace Hardware and Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling company held a rain barrel workshop where 5th graders at CDESA had fun creating sustainable art with rain water barrels.

The University of Florida also takes part in campaigning for the use of rain water barrels.\
These decorated one looks awesome for the people who see it.

Evansville Indiana celebrated the Earth Day by auctioning decorated rain barrels at Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden.

Tampa mural artist, Vanessa Fernandez, painted these beautiful rain water barrels.
Source: brandtampa
Some of these rain water barrels were individually constructed from used plastic barrels. Some were readily purchased like offered here. All one needs to do is to decorate them to look nice and suit the taste of the owner. Isn't it a great idea to conserve the nature at the same time decorating our lawn? 

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  1. So,So cool. A world of reuse opened up with a art Flare. Thanks joe of Hongkongwillie


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