Thursday, April 12, 2012

Piggyback Safety Cabinets

Every plant that keeps hazardous materials should have safety cabinets. However, those that have only a small amount of hazmat products don’t necessarily have the big safety cabinets that take up a lot of space. A piggyback safety cabinet or two already addresses the issue.

First of all, we need to remember why we should have safety cabinets in the first place. In case of fire, hazardous materials will make the matter even worse when the fire reaches it. Explosion may happen and damages are more likely to be even more irrecoverable. These hazmat products should be kept away and safely within the plant, inside the safety cabinets. Safety cabinets are normally made of materials meeting NFPA and OSHA standards that prevent fire to reach the contents inside. This could buy the plant personnel time to stop the rampaging fire before the coalition between fire and hazmat happens. That is why every plant should have this safety cabinet to further protect both workers and assets.

For storage of small amount of hazmat products, you don’t need large safety cabinets. Piggyback safety cabinets are already enough to contain these hazardous materials. The cabinets can be stacked on top of 30 to 45 gallon cabinets and they can also be mounted on wall or countertop to save floor space. You’ll need optional bracket to mount the cabinets on the wall.

Other features of piggyback safety cabinets include Sure-Grip EX Handle and tri-lingual warning label in English, Spanish and French. These safety cabinets are available in various sizes; namely 12 gallon piggyback cabinet, 17 gallon piggyback cabinet, 20 gallon piggyback cabinet, 4 gallon countertop cabinet, and self-closing 4 gallon countertop cabinet.

Which safety cabinet suits you? Decide yourself or contact our helpful representatives to get some suggestions.


  1. Noe a days most people just don't realize how dangerous paints and aerosols can be when stored improperly. I highly recommend this product. Everything is perfect in this cabinet so i will purchase this.

  2. This is main thing about it. This cabinet is painted safety yellow using high gloss powder coat to help prevent scratches. This product is really useful to us. I impressed by that.

  3. The doors on these cabinets were the inspiration for the entire warehouse. I impressed by that product because its four door just amazing. I like the yellow colour of your cabinet.

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