Sunday, April 15, 2012

Plastic Wall Guards for Building Protection

All plants need all-around protection. Protection to the workers (eye protection, hearing protection, safety clothing, insurance, etc.), protection to the products (container liners) and protections to the assets (including tools and building). For building, there are a number of protection things that a plant should have; one of which being plastic wall guards.

It’s easy to guess. Plastic wall guards are to protect the walls in your plant from damages made by forklift or hand truck during operation. Accidental bumps do happen, but damages can be prevented. Simply apply these plastic wall guards around the working area, and you can minimize the possible damage caused by these actions.
Plastic wall guards are made of unique energy-absorbing high density polyethylene in high visibility yellow. They resist cracking and chipping on the walls, saving them from needing repaint. These wall guards are offered in a package of two, each of which measures at 6” wide, 42” long and 2” in diameter. The two wall guards can be mounted end to end.
If you use forklift and hand truck in your plant activities, you might want to consider buying these plastic wall guards to protect your interior walls.

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