Saturday, April 28, 2012

Useful Packaging and Shipping Tips

Packaging and shipping are two of important parts of having successful business. Ensuring that a purchased item is well-packaged and safely shipped earns your business a good reputation and most likely repeat clients. Not to mention that these clients might refer you to their friends and acquaintances. That is why you need to pay good attention to the way you package and ship your items. Below are some useful packaging and shipping tips for your business.

  • If the item is considered valuable, get an insurance to go with it. Accidents do happen during shipping. It could accidentally fall of the delivery vehicle, or be crushed and damaged from rough contact with other shipped goods. If this occurs, insurance would put your mind and your client’s at ease that there is possible refund for the damaged shipping.
  • For breakable items, make sure you do the packaging properly. Even if it’s covered by insurance, the company will not refund it if it breaks due to bad packaging. Choose the right packaging boxes (make sure they are not too big or the content will wobble inside and get damaged), filling and cushioning, and stick the “FRAGILE” warning stickers on all sides.
  • Use plastic to wrap the package in case of wet deliveries. An inexpensive option will be to use economical trash liners. Other plastic options to wrap around the shipped item can be browsed here.

The tips make sense, don’t they? By ensuring that the goods are well-packaged and they arrive in mint condition to the hands of the customer, it makes you a responsible and trusted seller. Keep doing that and you’ll gain better reputation and hopefully more new clients in the future.


  1. Do you recommend purchasing a packaging machine for a business or outsourcing it?

  2. I would agree, these shipping tips are important to know by each one of us. In this way, it will avoid any problems and it will make sure that you're things are safe.


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