Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekly Trivia on Plastic: 2010 Statistics of Plastic Use and Recycling

"In the year of 2010 alone, Americans use 14 million tons of plastics in containers and packaging, 11 million tons in durable goods, and almost 7 million tons in throw-away items. Only 8 percent of those plastics used was recycled." 
 - The Environmental Protection Agency -
With that kind of statistics, we are still so far away from protecting the environment. It's hard to ignore how important the role of plastic is. It was first invented to make our life easier and it still is now, except that we understand that certain types of plastic take hundreds of years to decompose if they are simply wasted in the landfill.

So what can we do to make things better, without completely cutting off the use of plastic in our daily life?

I suppose we can do what the environmentalists suggest. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYLCE. We can reduce, for example, the single-use plastic goods; like coffee cups. Why not use glass cups instead? We can always wash them after using and reuse the cups another time.

Have you ever thought of reusing your used plastic bottles? Check out some of the coolest things people make using used plastic bottles.

Then the most obvious one is to recycle the recyclable plastic goods we have. Simply send the plastic things you have finished using (that are eligible to recycle) to the nearest recycling curb, and let them do their magic by turning the recycled plastic into something useful, like this T-shirt.

Start recycling today. Teach your kids to do it so that they can pass that around to the next generations to come. By acting responsibly to everything we do, we can hope for a better future for everybody.

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