Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Trivia on Plastic: Making a Greenhouse from Plastic Bottles

Some of you may have read our blog post on cool creative ways of reusing plastic bottles and seen this plastic bottle green house as you see on the image on the left.  The next question is: how can we make it on our own? Can we?

The answer is yes, we can. True it takes some time to collect all the plastic bottles and the process might be very time-consuming. But if you make it as a school project or a weekend project together with other people, this might be easier than it sounds. You can even ask the kids to do some of the easier tasks; such as peeling off the labels and separating the bottles from the caps.

Check out this PDF file uploaded by the state of Jersey to see the step-by-step instruction. Make sure you make strong foundation for this plastic bottle green house and save some substantial space in the landfill from being filled in with more plastic bottles (the fact that Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour is more than enough to hurt the environment). So why not build that useful plastic bottle greenhouse in your back yard? Ask the children to participate too so that they can learn from early age how important it is to recycle.

Happy recycling!

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