Friday, May 25, 2012

Video of the Week: How to Recycle Plastic at Home

Did you know that it was very easy to recycle styrofoam on your own? Check out this video below before you throw away the shipping box' fillers.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Heavy Duty Boxes for Moving Day

Are you planning on moving from one house to another or one office to another? Have you started packing? If you have, you must have found out by now that those little things that you think aren’t heavy, once collected in a box makes a really weighty box. Leave alone the things that are originally heavy. This is when the heavy duty boxes come in handy.

Our heavy duty boxes are actually meant for shipping heavy items. However, in regards to aiding you in your important moving day, they definitely help a great deal for the tiresome packing and unpacking activities. No more worries that the box is going to be broken during handling. Standard boxes might do well for lighter household things, but they might not for heavier, breakable things. Insisting on using standard boxes could lead to broken boxes. As that happens, the goods inside could be broken too. Using heavy duty boxes is ought to be safer when moving from one place to another.

Check out this link to see our rich choices in heavy duty boxes. Two types of heavy duty boxes can be chosen: single wall corrugated board or double wall corrugated board. The latter provides more strength than the first. But it all depends on what you put into the box.

Heavy duty boxes also allow you to put more things inside without worrying that they might break. This way you have fewer boxes in your list to pack and unpack later.

Happy moving!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moving Boxes

Moving from one place to another is never a simple task to do. While it seems easier to dump all the little meticulous things into any boxes you preserve for this, it is going to be a nightmare when you unload them in the new place. Using moving boxes should ease your way from the beginning to the end of the moving journey.

Our moving boxes are designed specifically for use on moving day. All things have their own designated storage boxes, which helps make it nice and easy for you to pack and unload the goods. The boxes have "Fragile. Handle with Care" imprinted on one side of the box so that rough handling can be avoided.

These moving boxes are sold in bundle quantity of 15, each of which describes what items you should be putting there. For example, lamps and other tall items could use this box, dishes could go here, and wardrobe hanger bar could be packed in this box.

However, unless you are moving a production company which needs similar boxes to contain similar things, 5-15 pieces for each similar box might be a bit too much for normal household to have. Therefore, for your convenient purchase we have moving box combos to offer. Choose between moving box combo #1 and moving box combo #2. Do you have a huge wardrobe to move as well? Wardrobe combo might be a good solution for that.

Contact us for more assistance on these moving boxes and combos.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mailing Tubes for Shipping Rolled Paper Documents, Bottles and Other Cylindrical Items

crimped end mail tubes
When shipping large paper documents, such as photographs and posters, it is wise to use mailing tubes to protect them. Simply roll up the paper product you want to send and insert it in the tube. This will protect the shipped item to arrive safely, without any creases or damage. These shipping tubes are also useful to send things like bats, fishing rods, bottles, etc.

Mailing tubes are made of strong cardboard formed into cylindrical pipes. They are offered in many different sizes to fit different needs and dimensions of products to be sent. Some come with screw caps, while some others just need a pinch to close.

Bay Tec has quite a nice list of different mailing tubes to offer. Screw-cap mailers are specified for use with bottles containing non-hazardous products. Telescopic mailers, mailing tubes and Kraft mailing tubes are great to send posters, large print of photographs and even baseball bats. Then there are also the economical crimped end mail tubes which offer a more inexpensive option for shipping goods.

Which mailing tubes are best for your products? Feel free to browse the mailing tubes section of our website here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Great Toys Storage Ideas

If you are an organizing junkie who has children with tons of toys, you'll love this post. Toys often get scattered all over the nursery (in the living room, in the kitchen, even in the garden!). Thus it is very important to teach the kids to always put their toys back in their designated storage. This storage, however, should appeal to the children as well as it's neat for us. Check out some of these cool storage ideas for your kids' toys.

Plastic containers
Image source: Slices of Life
Choose some plastic containers that are of the same size to contain smaller goods like crayons, balls, etc. Arrange them in a rack or simply stack them on top of each other on the floor. Put labels for easy identification.

Plastic shoe storage

This plastic shoe storage doesn't always necessarily be for shoes. Smaller toys and stationaries could use it as great home and display, too! Look at how easy the kids can locate where their things are.

Stacked tyres

Source: Shelterness
How cool is this toys storage from stacked tyres? You can even make it yourself!

Bucket storage

Ah, the good old buckets. So versatile, even in the nursery. Choose our bright-colored 5 gallon buckets and make this cool toys storage yourself, as instructed here.

Laundry bags

Who ever thought that laundry bag could be such a great use for toys storage? Use it to pool toys that are often used together and tell the kids to return them to this same laundry bag when they're done.

Plastic jars

toy storage
Got plastic jars from cereals, crackers or pretzels? Repurpose them into toys storage jars like the ones above.

Vittles vaults

Vittles vaults are super for containing lego and other small toys. Available in black and pink colors.

Laundry basket

Use laundry basket to keep stuffed animals and/or bigger toys.

Pretty nice choices, aren't they? If you have other creative ideas, please feel free to share with us here.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekly Trivia on Plastic: The Various Time Needed to Break Plastic

We all know that plastic is hard to break naturally. However, there are so many different types of plastic that require different amount of time to degrade. The following contains an information about some plastic items in daily life and how long it takes to naturally break down.

  • One plastic bottle takes approximately 450 years to decompose.
  • A household takes about 300 plastic bags home every year, and it takes about 500 years for them to break down.
  • A plastic cup takes 50-80 years to decay.
  • Disposable diaper takes 75 years.
  • Styrofoam can't be decomposed.
  • Plastic container takes 50-80 years to decay.
  • Plastic film canister takes 20-30 years.
  • Foamed plastic buoy spends 80 years in the landfill before completely degrading.
With the kind of statistics above, we have no other alternative than to recycle plastic goods we use. Reduce the use of plastic; Reuse the ones you have already bought and owned; and Recycle when you can't reuse them anymore.

Plastic doesn't have to be banned completely if we can be responsible when using it. Overusing plastic will only waste our irreplaceable source of oil. Too much plastic will also lead to unhealthy environment, food consumption and death of some animals. So let us all recycle for the better lives of all living things.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

10 Creative Ideas for Craft Storage

Do you like crafts? If you are a serious crafty person who makes crafting one of the few priorities in life, you should know that organizing the small craft supplies and tools is very critical. Not even trying to organize them would lead to a chaotic craft room, where you'd spend hours and hours of looking where you put your blue thread or pink polkadot ribbon. That leads to ineffectiveness and wasted time, which means less money made. So it only makes sense to be always organized with your craft supplies. Check out our 10 creative ideas for craft storage below.


Akrobins make organizing super easy. They're available in different colors and sizes, making it easy for you to color-code and decide which size of Akrobins fit the scissors and which fit the buttons and beads. You can simply stack them on top of each other, or arrange them on a rack or in a cabinet to look and stay organized.

5 gallon buckets

Why not? 5 gallon pails are inexpensive. They are easy to get. They are big enough to hold rolls of craft paper and they are also available in many different colors. Easy identification makes easy finding; and therefore saves time. To keep the supplies from getting dusty, simply put a pail lid or an even better Gamma seal lid.

Glass jars

Glass jars are perfect to store color pencils, paintbrushes, crayons, etc. They are also great to keep buttons as they allow us to see what's inside from the see-through walls.

File Storage

fabric file storage

Yes, file storage. Karen from Sew Many Ways has this creative idea to store her fabric with file storage cabinet. For cheaper option, go with the kraft file storage boxes we have.


Like glass jars, cans are great to store stationaries, including color pencils, scissors, rulers, etc. You can either buy one or decorate used cans for this storage.

Used shipping box

Don't throw away those cardboard shipping boxes you got. Use them to store craft supplies, scraps, or even the sketches and doodles you do for the next craft ideas. Label the box, and you're already giving it a second life and purpose.

Used plastic cups

Wash them well and reuse them. Too many people use these cups and don't get them recycled at all. Using them as craft storage is a great idea to keep them away from the landfill.

Ice cube tray

It's just perfect to store little things like beads and buttons. It also makes a great display for small jewelries such as earrings and rings.

Mailing tubes

Used mailing tubes can be a great place to store your large print, painting or craft paper and even fabric. They also save so much space. Just stick a small cut of it on the outside wall of the tube for identification.

Laundry basket

The old laundry basket could also make a great craft storage. You can dump anything you like there: reference books, fabrics, ribbons, craft papers, etc.

Storage ideas don't have to be expensive. Just have those in hand and make them attractive enough to be a display in your craft room but functional enough to store all the little bits of the craft supplies. This way you can concentrate only on your creative side, the thing you love doing the most, and worry less about the mess. Happy crafting!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

14 Most Amazing Things Made From Cardboard

We often find ourselves overwhelmed by the number of shipping cardboard boxes in the house. Either we get them from the airmail of whatever it is we are ordering online, or we just come home from shopping kitchen gadgets packed in fiberboard packaging. Sure we can always reuse them as storage. But what if we don't need anymore storage boxes? Should we just throw them away?

Well, before you do, do check some of these amazing things made from cardboard. Let's see if any of them gives you an idea to reuse your cardboard boxes.

Cardboard Scooter

Source: via Tania on Pinterest

Cardboard Clock

Source: via Nora on Pinterest

Cardboard Airplane

Cardboard Mirror

Source: via Rosemary on Pinterest

Cardboard Table

Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

Cardboard Sidetable

Cardboard Car

Source: via Bjorn on Pinterest

Cardboard CD Case

Source: via Kelsea on Pinterest

Cardboard Wall Arts

Source: via Nathan on Pinterest

Cardboard Room

Cardboard Book Cover

Cardboard Lamp

Cardboard Robot

Cardboard Photo Frame

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