Saturday, May 5, 2012

14 Most Amazing Things Made From Cardboard

We often find ourselves overwhelmed by the number of shipping cardboard boxes in the house. Either we get them from the airmail of whatever it is we are ordering online, or we just come home from shopping kitchen gadgets packed in fiberboard packaging. Sure we can always reuse them as storage. But what if we don't need anymore storage boxes? Should we just throw them away?

Well, before you do, do check some of these amazing things made from cardboard. Let's see if any of them gives you an idea to reuse your cardboard boxes.

Cardboard Scooter

Source: via Tania on Pinterest

Cardboard Clock

Source: via Nora on Pinterest

Cardboard Airplane

Cardboard Mirror

Source: via Rosemary on Pinterest

Cardboard Table

Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

Cardboard Sidetable

Cardboard Car

Source: via Bjorn on Pinterest

Cardboard CD Case

Source: via Kelsea on Pinterest

Cardboard Wall Arts

Source: via Nathan on Pinterest

Cardboard Room

Cardboard Book Cover

Cardboard Lamp

Cardboard Robot

Cardboard Photo Frame

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