Thursday, May 3, 2012

Corrugated Sheets to Double Protect Your Shipping

Some products need more protection when shipped than others. If you use cardboard shipping boxes to place these products, you might as well need corrugated sheets to be inserted inside to double protect your shipping.

Here are some reasons why corrugated sheets are important in shipping:
  • To protect goods from damages
  • To help disperse content weight when used as layering pad
  • To keep the upper part of the box free of dust; therefore you can have cleaner stored items
There are two kinds of corrugated sheets that you can choose from: single wall corrugated sheets and double wall corrugated sheets. The look of these two sheets can be seen in the picture on the right. The double wall corrugated sheets give more protection and more steady layering inside the box. But the single wall sheet also does a great job for most shipped goods.

So, if you wish to have safely shipped products delivered to your clients, corrugated sheets are absolutely a brilliant idea to add protection for the goods. Check them out now.

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  1. These points are interesting. I had never thought about this. You have explained it so nicely. I loved your way of explaining.


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