Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Great Way to Ship 5 Gallon Pails

Do you pack your product in 5 gallon buckets and try to find a way to avoid UPS or Fed-Ex $8.00 so called “additional handling charge”? Then you should take a look at this Ergo-Paks™ pail shipping system. Made specifically to contain 5 gallon pails, the shipping system saves you from paying unnecessary handling charge applied by the shipping companies.

Ergo-Paks™ pail shipping system is designed especially for shipping 5 gallon pails. The hand holes are so efficiently and ergonomically placed on the sides of the box for maximum lifting and carrying convenience. The same design is also applied to Ergo-Pak™ OverPack Pail Shipping System. The only difference is that the Ergo-Pak™ OverPack Pail Shipping System is meant to contain UN-regulated material and is certified with Edge Crush Test (ECT) rating of 45 lbs per inch and higher gross weight limit of 100 lbs.

Would you like the pail to stay in place during handling and shipping? Put Ergo-Pak corrugated inserts (sold separately) into the box and let it stand still until it reaches its destination.

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