Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mailing Tubes for Shipping Rolled Paper Documents, Bottles and Other Cylindrical Items

crimped end mail tubes
When shipping large paper documents, such as photographs and posters, it is wise to use mailing tubes to protect them. Simply roll up the paper product you want to send and insert it in the tube. This will protect the shipped item to arrive safely, without any creases or damage. These shipping tubes are also useful to send things like bats, fishing rods, bottles, etc.

Mailing tubes are made of strong cardboard formed into cylindrical pipes. They are offered in many different sizes to fit different needs and dimensions of products to be sent. Some come with screw caps, while some others just need a pinch to close.

Bay Tec has quite a nice list of different mailing tubes to offer. Screw-cap mailers are specified for use with bottles containing non-hazardous products. Telescopic mailers, mailing tubes and Kraft mailing tubes are great to send posters, large print of photographs and even baseball bats. Then there are also the economical crimped end mail tubes which offer a more inexpensive option for shipping goods.

Which mailing tubes are best for your products? Feel free to browse the mailing tubes section of our website here.

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  1. Mailing Tubes are very useful for shipping bottles and other items. I am generally used mailing Tubes for shipping my items. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us. Love it and enjoyed it a lot...


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